Thursday, February 8, 2018

I-69 Funds Reallocated to East of Monticello

According to information provided by Nita McDaniel, Executive Director of the Monticello Economic Development Commission, the Arkansas Highway Commission has voted unanimously to move several million dollars of funding designated to continue construction of I-69, from the Monticello Western Bypass to a section of the proposed interstate East of Monticello connecting US  Highway 278 East to US Highway 65 in Desha County.  The reallocation was supported by interest in Drew, Desha and Ashley Counties.  Bradley County interest felt that the money should be left on the Monticello Western Bypass as previously approved by the Commission.

There has been a disagreement as to the impact this change would have on the intermodal facility located in Drew County and owned jointly by Monticello, Warren, Bradley County and Drew County.  The matter was subject to an intense discussion at one intermodal board meeting.  The Bradley County Economic Development Commission, the Warren City Council and the Bradley County Quorum Court opposed the movement of the funding.  There was strong support from the other counties that comprise the Cornerstone Coalition area of Southeast Arkansas.

Highway Commissioner Robert Moore listened to all parties prior to advocating the Change.  According to Nita McDaniel, she, Mike Smith of Ashley County, Desha County Judge Jack May, Dan Flowers with the I-69 Coalition and Dr. David Rankin with the Golden Triangle, were at the commission meeting to support the change.

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