Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hospital Board Conducts Monthly Meeting

The Bradley County Medical Center Board meet June 28th for their monthly meeting.  Minutes of the last meeting were approved and the financial report and Home Health Care report were given and approved.  Hospital Administrator Steve Henson submitted his monthly update as did Chief Nursing Officer Sara Tucker.

The board then approved the following medical staff recommendations to be allowed to practice:
*Adam Sipe, M.D., RAPA
*Roderick Boyd, M.D., ESS
*Benjamin Bartnicke M.D., RAPA
*Karl Schultz, M.D., RAPA
*Health Reap, APRN for Dr. Wharton
*Michael Allen, M.D., Pathology
*Loyd Ruff, M.D., ESS
*David Chamber, M.D., ESS 

No policy or personnel issues were acted upon.

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