Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lions Club Hosts Program By Adm. Office Of The Courts

Sarah Logan, Arkansas Courts and Community Initiative Director for the Arkansas Supreme Court was the guest speaker for the October 10th meeting of the Warren Lions Club.  She told the members that the program was set up to educated the public on the make up and operations of the court system in Arkansas and to further educated the citizens on the three branches of government in America and the State of Arkansas.

Ms. Logan told the members that Arkansas has a three prong court system, made up of District Courts on the county level, circuit courts which cover judicial districts throughout the state and appellate courts.  In Warren and Bradley County the District Court serves Bradley and Drew Counties.  The District Judge is Bruce Anderson.  He hears cases in Warren and Monticello.  The circuit court for our area is the 10th Judicial District and has five judges that serve the five counties of Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Desha and Drew.  The five Judges are Sam Pope, Kenneth Johnson, Steven Porch, Bynum Gibson and Teresa French The appellate courts consist of the Arkansas Court of Appeals and the Arkansas Supreme Court.   The District Court handles smaller cases both criminal and civil such as traffic tickets and misdemeanor arrest.   The Circuit Court deals with more serious criminal and civil cases such as felony charges and large civil matters.
The appellate courts hear appeals and the Supreme Court rules on constitutional questions.

All Judges in Arkansas are elected and run non-partisan.  Other states appoint judges in a variety of ways.  All federal judges are appointed by the President and must be approved or confirmed by the United States Senate.   

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