Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Chamber Addresses Possible Issues with Sharing Directors

The Bradley County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met Monday at noon in the meeting room of the BCEDC Building.

It was reported that the executive committees of the Chamber and BCEDC have met and discussed the sharing of an Executive Director.  The Chamber board came up with a number of valid questions they see that will need to be answered before this can be done, such as to whom would the new Executive Director report, from where would he or she work, the division of the sharing of salaries and more.  All questions and concerns were noted, and it was agreed that the executive committees of both entities would need to get back together to address the issues.

It was noted that Logan Adams who has been running the Chamber office with volunteer help will be leaving the Chamber to accept an internship beneficial to his future.  He will be staying through the Tomato Festival.

It was reported that the Pink Tomato Festival plans are moving along.  Contributions are coming in.  Soon, personal contacts will be made to possible donors. In order to be listed in the brochure, contributions must be made by April 24.

There was discussion about whether or not the baggo contest is going to be held this year.  Last year, this was an event which raised money for the Chamber of Commerce and took place on the Thursday night of festival week.  It was agreed that contact will be made with the persons who ran it last year.

Their was discussion about joining the State Chamber of Commerce.

It was noted that $200 is left of Department of Heritage grant money which must be spent before it is lost.  Ideas of how to best spend the money were discussed.

Debbie Spencer updated the board on the Easter Event which is scheduled for Saturday, April 20 at the Warren City Park.  She informed the board that she needed volunteers for putting candy in eggs, for hiding eggs at 8:30 a.m., etc.  She announced that all of the local banks have donated silver dollars, area churches have provided eggs, and local businesses are contributing.

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