Friday, April 12, 2019

Marty Reep Addresses Lions Club

Lion Gregg Reep, Marty Reep, and Lion President Michael Sparks
Marty S. Reep, Environmental Health and Safety Manager for AHF Products in Warren, was the guest speaker for the Warren Lions Club during their April 10th meeting.  He provided some history on the Warren plant and stated the company is always looking for capable and dedicated workers.

According to Mr. Reep, what is now the AHF Products plant began as a furniture dimension mill owned by the A. Brandt corporation, then located in Ft. Worth, Texas.  It was bought and sold several times and ended up becoming a hard wood flooring plant owned and operated by Robbins Corporation.  Along the way the company was owned by and operated by Triangle Pacific,   It ultimately was purchased by Armstrong World Industries and became Armstrong Flooring, Inc..  AS of January, 2019 the plant was purchased by American Industrial Partners and now operates as AHF Products.  It continues to make high quality hard wood flooring. 

The Warren plant works 260 employees and pay an average wage of $16.50 per hour.  The annual payroll is $10 million.  Reep noted that the firm has a low turnover rate, but is always on the lookout for new workers.  He stated that four of the six production supervisors are women, and they do an outstanding job.  He went on to report that the plant site consist of around 92 acres within the Warren Industrial Park and the company stores some 16 million board feet of Lumber on the yard at all times.  The plant produces one half million square feet of flooring per week, while running two shifts.  He also stated the company buys some $32 million dollars worth of lumber per year. 

Mr. Reep stated that AHF Products has a safety and environmental record second to none and stresses the importance of safety and a healthy environment. He indicated that the company believes in safety for all employees and those within the plant site on business or as visitors and advocates for a clean and healthy environment for the workers and the community.  AIP, the parent company, owns five hardwood production plants in the United States.  The plant in Warren is the largest private sector employer in Bradley County and one of the largest in the region.  

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