Monday, June 10, 2019

Warren Fire Department Update

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According to Acting Fire Chief Mike Ashcraft, the Warren Fire Department has responded to the following calls during the past several days:
1. The department conducted an extraction from a vehicle as the result of an accident on May 27th on Bradley Rd. 1 South, just off of Hwy. 278 W.
2. Responded to a possible attempted arson fire at 305 W. Church.  Being investigated.
3. Responded to an alarm malfunction on E. Church Street.
4. Responded to electrical shortage at 810 W. Pine Street.
5. Responded to a vehicle fire at Central and Rock Street.

The Warren Fire Department operates a Central Fire Station housed in the City of Warren Emergency Services Center and a Sub-Station on N. Ethridge Street.  The Department consist of a Fire Chief and three fulltime firemen, who work shifts.  The Department also has a number of volunteer fire fighters who respond when called and train on a regular monthly basis.

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