Thursday, July 11, 2019

City Gets Another Grant For Depot

As previously reported by SRC, Mayor Pennington informed the Warren City Council, during their regular monthly meeting conducted July 8th, that the city has been awarded another grant to continue the renovation of the Rail Road Depot on Cedar Street.  The amount of the grant was incorrectly listed in the city council report by SRC.   According to Mayor Pennington, the grant is in the amount of $45,000.00.  The funding will be provided by the Arkansas Department of Heritage.  The City of Warren will be providing some matching funds in the form of cash and/or in-kind contributions.

This is another in a series of grants the city has secured to renovate and upgrade the Depot facility to make it usable by the public.  The building will have an indoor/outdoor pavilion and office type space.  It is adjacent to the City Park and will be part of the Park Complex.  The building will be capable of serving the community in a number of ways for recreation and business activities.

The structure is on the "Historic Register."  It is owned by the City of Warren.  This phase of construction is not the completion of the project but will be another step toward making the building and grounds usable.  The property was originally donated by the former rail road owner. 

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