Tuesday, August 6, 2019

CommunitiesUnlimited Approve Loans

Deborah Temple, Director of Lending for CommunitesUnlimited was in Warren along with other staff of the Non-Profit organization Monday, August 5th to sign papers providing two small business loans in Warren.  The loan funds are provided to CommunitiesUnlimited from the Small Business Administration.

Both loans are being made to individuals who will produce food from their residences.  The loans are unsecured for a year.  If the businesses are properly operated and the owners save some of the profits, the final loan payment is forgiven.  The business will then be eligible for a second year loan as needed.

One loan is going to Maria Alonso, who will bake cakes for sale.  The other loan is provided to Antelma Garay, who will produce tortillas.

CommunitiesUnlimited has been working with the City of Warren for some time in an effort to assist and promote business and community development in the community.

Staff members of Communities Unlimited met with Mayor Denisa Pennington to discuss future economic developments in Warren.

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