Friday, August 23, 2019

Hospital Thinks It Is Making Financial Progress

Although reporting a net loss for the past month of $7,528.56 and an operating loss of $21,400.00, the financial report presented to the hospital board during their monthly meeting conducted August 23rd, indicated the efforts by the hospital over the past year are beginning to pay off and the finances are looking better and usage of the facility are up.  Removing the depreciation cost would result in a reasonable profit for the month.  According to CEO Steve Henson, who went over the finances in detail, "while the hospital has work to do, I believe we are making progress."  By all accounts Bradley County Medical Center is one of the stronger rural hospitals in Arkansas.  The board was informed the hospital has 106 days of operating cash on hand. 

Upon a recommendation by Mr. Henson, the board voted to make three purchases for equipment utilizing sales tax funds.  A bar code machine, and new health information server and a new ventilator.  Service contracts will be purchased using operating funds. 

A report was given by Sarah Tucker, Chief Nursing Officer.  She stated that baby deliveries is up.

Dr. Joe Wharton made a motion to approve the following medical staff reappointment:
*Jay Hinkle, M.D.,
*Krishna Nalleballe, M.D.
*Sanjeeva Onteddu, M.D.
*Kelly-Ann Patrice, M.D.
*Vishank Shah, M.D.
*Margaret Tremwel, M.D.
*Mhd Zaghlouleh, M.D.
*William Lynn, M.D.-Moved to inactive status
*Laxmi Thummalakunta, M.D.
All were approved as recommended.

The board was informed that efforts remain underway to hire a new Chief Financial officer.

The next board meeting is set for September 26th.

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