Thursday, August 8, 2019

Warren Cultural Center Commission Meets

Members of the Warren Cultural Center Commission met Wednesday, August 7th at the Warren Cultural Center to take a close look at the building and discuss needed repairs and improvements.  A report is expected at the next City Council meeting and possibly the next school board meeting.

The Warren Cultural Center is a 750 seat auditorium with a large stage, dressing rooms and  large entry room.  It is jointly owned by the City of Warren and the Warren School District.  The city manages the day to day operations and does the scheduling.  The school district has first priority access to utilize the building.  The city may use it as needed and third parties are allowed to rent the building.  Expenses to operate and repair are based on a formula agreed to by the city and school district.

The facility was built in the mid to late 1970s using an EDA grant from the United States Department of Commerce and some bond funding provided by the school district.  The land was donated by the district.

Current members of the Commission include:
Council Member Memory Frazer, Chariman
School District Board Member Shannon Gorman
Member at Large Jim Wheeler
The council and school members are selected by their respective bodies and the at large position is appointed for a term, rotated between the city council and school board.

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