Monday, September 2, 2019

Are You Firewise?

Firewise USA is a nationwide proactive program which educates homeowners in common sense ways to defend their homes from wildfires.  Soon, those beautiful green leaves presently on the trees will become dried fuel for wildfires anywhere they accumulate. Removal of these natural fuels will greatly reduce chances of flying wildfire embers from turning into structure fires...possibly a home.  Firewise USA focuses on the 300 feet circumference area around homes and structures known as the Defensible Space of a homeowner's properties. Firewise USA teaches homeowners methods to use the Defensible Space as a barrier between wildland fires and their homes and structures.  Firewise USA, Arkansas Forestry Commission and the local Firewise District of Jersey Firewise Vounteers and firefighters work to provide area communities with training, education and preparation in defense of wildfires.

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