Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mayor Reports That Bryant's Building Has Been Purchased By The City of Warren

The Warren City Council met Monday, September 9 for their regular monthly meeting with five of the six council members present.  After approving the minutes from the August meeting, City Clerk Helen Boswell gave the financial report which was approved.  In her report, it was noted that due to a glitch in the system that was being used at the time, former Mayor Bryan Martin was overpaid for vehicle allowance a sum of approximately $200.    Council members asked if he had been made aware of this.  It was again pointed out that the over payment was in no way the fault of Mayor Martin.

Mayor Denisa Pennington presented a Resolution honoring Alice J. Henderson who recently passed away at the age of 103.  The resolution, which noted her service to her community, was presented to her family.

The council approved a renewal of the 5 mill property tax levy.  This is not a new tax.  It is not a tax increase.

Police Chief Shaun Hildreth presented his report to the council pointing out that the department is at full staff currently.

The council voted to levy a 5% tax on alcohol sales by private clubs within the city limits.

Acting Fire Chief Mike Ashcraft reported to the council the ages of fire department vehicles.  He pointed out that Engine 3 is 41 years old and the ladder truck is 35.  Council Members questioned the cost of replacing them.  The Chief informed them that they could purchase a used ladder truck for approximately $100,000 and a new pumper truck for $350,000.  Chief Ashcraft also told the council that the department had responded to 35 calls last month and a total of 198 for the year.  He informed the council that the Department had collected one $500 payment from a home owners's insurance company for responding to a fire call.

Sanitation Manager Mike May reported that the department is adhering to the policy of picking up no more than three items for the special pick up service.  Sanitation Committee Chairman Angela Marshall reported that a sanitation advisory committee has been formed and has met.  Manager May reported that several reports from the committee members have resulted in the cleanup of some properties.

Mayor Pennington reported that the City has purchased the Bryant's Building on Main St. as of  August 5.  The purchase had previously been authorized by the council.

Street Foreman Ricky Joe Davis told he council that some culverts on Cedar Street are in need of replacing which will be expensive.  He reported that the city is still waiting on the paving construction company to resurface streets that have been authorized.

Council Member Dorothy Henderson, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, reported that she has requested assistance with the development of a "request for qualifications" for economic development services.  Council Member Henderson is a member of the Community and Economic Development Committee.  The Community and Economic Development Committee is working on plans for a revised economic development program.

Mayor Pennington informed the council that the City has received a grant for Phase II on the restoration of the railroad depot. The $45,000 grant comes from the Arkansas Department of Heritage.

During the meeting reports were provided on all city departments and boards and commissions.   The council completed the meeting by voting to pay all bills for the month of August, 2019.

The next scheduled council meeting is set for October 14th at 5:30PM.   The Agenda meeting will be conducted Thursday, October 10th at 7:00 AM.

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