Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Community Action Conducts Called Meeting

A quorum of the board of Southeast Arkansas Community Action Agency met in a called meeting October 3, 2019.  The meeting was set for 3;30PM but was called to order at 4:02PM.  The purpose was to discuss a requirement that the agency must pay back some program money due to the board not approving the expenditures.  The money spent was for a computer program and other equipment.  It appears the items bought were lega but no action was taken by the board to approve them in advance.  The agency is trying to appeal the decision to have to repay.

The agency was originally  given 15 days to respond to the finding and failed to do so.  Board members are trying to work the matter out with the federal government since it appears all expenditures were for legal purchases and in the case of the computer program, had been ordered to be utilized.  The board is seeking legal counsel to assist in solving the matter.

In related business, a public meeting was  conducted in Bradley County Monday evening at 6:00PM in the Old national Guard Armory in Warren to select new board members to represent Bradley County.  There is a vacancy for an appointee from the private sector and a vacancy for the elected official position from the county.  A number of residents attended the meeting.  Carolyn Harding was selected to represent the private sector and it was reported that elected official representative Angela Marshall has designated Carol Hooper to serve the elected official position.  Both will be presented to the board at the next meeting.

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