Tuesday, October 8, 2019

School Board and Patrons Hear Annual Report from WSD

The Warren School Board met Monday night for their regular monthly meeting. After adopting the minutes of thr regular September meeting, the board moved into executive session and returned with the following recommendations which were approved:

Accepted the retirement of Janet Harton as Business Procedures/East Social Media/CDA Instructor,
Accepted the resignation of Katy Bryant - Assistant Child Nutrition Director
Approved an addendum to the contract of Justin Hollingsworth in the amount of $750 for Live Streaming

They issued an approval to amend the WSD calendar for Professional Development Days from November 1 to November 8.

They approved the return of bus #38 (whose lease is ending) to Mid-Western and enter into a new lease agreement with Summit International for a new bus.

The set the next board meeting date of November 11 for public hearings on Facilities Master Plan.

The financial report was given by District Treasurer nd approved by the board.

Superintendent Bryn Cornish noted in his report tht Parent/Teacher Conferences will be hedl Oct. 21 at Eastside and Brunson and October 22 at the Middle School and High School.  He informed the board that upgrades to better secure the buildings will be put in place.  People will still have to buzz to be let in but will then be allowed entrance to a holding room without direct access to the school.  He noted that October 18 is homecoming  and that following the Jr. Jack football game, there will be a large bonfire/pep rally.   He told the board that the Homecoming parade will take place at 2:00 p.m. and will travel down Main Street from Bond to Church before turning East.

The annual report to the public was presented to the board by district administrators.  This report can be found on the school district's web page.

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