Sunday, February 10, 2013

Police Warn of Scam Efforts in the Area

Warren Police Chief Randy Peek is warning all residents to beware of scams being perpetrated on local citizens in an attempt to steal money.  Do not send money to anyone or provide personal credit card numbers or bank account numbers to people informing you that you have won money or cars.

One such scam was attempted by a person calling a local resident and informing the resident they had won $1 million and a new Mercedes car.  To receive the money and car, the person was told to go to Walmart and purchase a "Green Dot" card for $550.  The resident was told after he purchased the card that he should call the sweepstakes company back with the card number.  Apparently the card number would then be used to buy $550 of Walmart merchandise, and of course, there was no $1 million or Mercedes.

Remember anything that sounds too good to be true, likely is.  Don't be duped out of your money and notify the police is you suspect a scam.

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