Advertising is the absolute best way to reach your target audience throughout the "River Region."  The site currently averages 35,000 page views per week and is the only news organization in Bradley County that offers daily up-to-the-minute news.  Over the past several years we have grown to become the most viewed and favorite news source in our area.  From covering Warren Lumberjack Jack sporting events live to being first on the scene to cover local fires, is the top news source in Bradley County and our low advertising rates will astound you.  Go ahead and look over what we offer!  Get your message out to your target audience ASAP.  Remember, we are a daily.  Your ad is on salineriverchronicle 24/7.

Our "Basic Ad" measures 210 pixels in
width X 263 pixels in length.  If you
or your organization are designing the
ad we strongly encourage you to
keep in mind that the simpler the ad,
the more effective it typically is.  Our
dedicated design team can design
an ad for you if you so choose.

Basic Ad Cost:
Front Page(viewed the most): $75 a month
Sports Page: $50 a month
Outdoors Page: $25 a month
Feature Page: $50 a month
Classified Page(business sidebar ad): $25 a month
Obituaries Page: $25 a month


Double Ad
Our "Double Ad" measures 210 pixels
wide X 525 pixels in length.  Double
Ads are terrific way to make a large

Double Ad Cost:
Front Page: $150 a month
Sports Page: $100 a month
Outdoors Page: $50 a month
Feature Page: $100 a month
Politics Page: $50 a month
Calendar: $50 a month
Classifieds Page(sidebar ad): $50 a month
Obituaries Page: $50 a month


Multi-Frame Ad
Information Coming Soon


Top Banner Ad
Our top banner ad(on every page) is currently sold.

Below Story Graphic Ads

A "Below Story Graphic Ad" is another great option!  It measures 715 pixels
wide X 169 pixels in height.  These ads we like to call impact ads.  What makes
them special is that they are placed just below certain stories and therefore are
directly in the path of the readers eye.  That makes them much more likely to
be seen.  These ads are guaranteed to be on the front page every day.

Below Story Ad Cost:
Every Page(most people choose to place them on the front page): $50 a week


Sponsored Story Ad:
(Click to view the actual size)
A "Sponsored Story Ad" is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a story that is
sponsored.  "Sponsored Story Ads" are extremely effective.  Why you ask?
Well, story ads look like stories.  The reader reads the articles without
realizing that he or she has just checked out an ad.  They role off of the
page just like any story, but they are almost certain to be seen by many
people.  These are also great ads if you have a lot of information you need to
release that cannot fit on a "Basic Ad."  "Every Sponsored Story Ad" is
also shared on our facebook fan page.

$50 a Story
(If you choose to run the story multiple times to keep it on the front page
the cost is $50 every time the story is renewed on the page.)