Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Daylight Savings Time Ends This Weekend

Yes, it is "Fall Back" time.  Sunday, November 3, at 2:00 a.m., we are to set our clocks back one hour bringing daylight savings time for 2014 to an end.  So remember, before you go to bed Saturday night, set those clocks back.

Warren School District Summary of Annual Report

      Warren School District Summary Of Annual Report 
                                              to the Public

Date Presented:  October 7, 2014                                 Attendees:  17
Progress Toward Goals:
   Percent  Tested:  All Campuses
   Literacy:  Brunson
   Math:  WHS
   Graduation Rate:  WHS (only school with this measure)
   Literacy:  Eastside, WMS, WHS
   Math:  Eastside, Brunson, WMS
Accreditation Status:
   All Campuses Accredited by AdvancED
   All Campuses Accredited by ADE
Proposals to Correct Deficiencies:  
   Continue Standards-Based System Implementation
   Provide Professional Development
   Implement Strategies as Listed in School Improvement Plans*
Website Information:
The annual report to the public and the ACSIP* (Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan) can be found on the website under the “State Required Info” Copies can be requested by calling 226-8500.

Please publish this one time ad, as published last year, in a 6 X 4 ½  lined ad.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chapel Woods Hosts Fall Fling

Tanya Jones Johnson and Pastor Tony Rhinehart entertain at Fall Fling

Residents, family, friends and staff gathered for a time of fellowship, fun and food during Chapel Woods' Fall Fling held the evening of October 28th.  A large crowd was on hand to enjoy the gospel singing of Pastor Tony Rhinehart and Tanya Johnson.  They sang numerous songs individually and as a duo.  Those in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.


Article by EAST Student, Eriahn Broughton

EAST Night Out is a national “open house” celebration of our EAST program where family, friends, and the general public are invited to see how students are making a difference in our community and celebrate the work already underway.  During EAST Night Out, EAST classrooms share with their school, community members, business leaders, media and families the power of student-driven, service-based, technology-infused education.  This event was located at the Warren SEACBEC EAST classroom and Assembly room on October 14, 2014; more than 70 schools across the EAST world opened their doors to the community that night.  The EAST Facilitator, Mrs. Janet Harton, and students worked together to showcase projects and share the EAST story.  Students were everywhere!! They greeted people at the door, gave out refreshments and set up technology. Over 150 individuals attended the event.  Some of the technology showcased was green screen techniques, Broadcast videos, and current software students were working on as well as various community service projects.  They made sure every person felt welcome!

                The EAST program at SEACBEC would like to thank everyone that attended including:

·  Dr. David Rainey, EAST Initiative Director/Board Member

·  David King, Chamber of Commerce Director

·  John Little, Veterans’ Museum

·  Rob Reep, Saline River Chronicle Owner/Editor

·  Gregg Reep, Saline River Chronicle

·  Tim Kessler, Eagle Democrat Editor

·  Marilyn Johnson, Superintendent

·  Jonalyn Reep, SEACBEC director

·  Donna Lawhon, BCEDC Director

·  Parents and Students

·  Community and Business Members

·  Warren School District /SEACBEC Staff

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Warren City Council Approves Shooting Trap Bid

In a special meeting of the Warren City Council October 27th, the members unanimously  voted to approved a proposal for "shooting traps" to be installed at the new city shooting range located just south of the city limits.  The cost of the traps is $48,500.00 and will be funded by a grant.  The shooting range is a joint project by the City of Warren and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

In other business, the council voted 6-0 to authorize a revenue bond issue to help fund water and sewer expansion on the east and south bypasses around Warren.  The bond issue of $999,100.00 will be used along with grant funds to make water and sewer available for land to be developed.  This includes industrial property that is actively being considered for a new industry.  The bond issue does not require any rate increase.

Mayor Bryan Martin explained both the trap bids and the bond issue prior to the council's final vote.

UA Begins Search For Chancellor For Monticello Campus

            MONTICELLO, Ark. — The University of Arkansas has begun a search for a new chancellor for the Monticello campus, according to Dr. Donald Bobbitt, president of the UA System.
            Current UAM Chancellor Jack Lassiter will retire January 5, 2015, after more than 10 years as chief executive officer. The search to replace Lassiter is being conducted by Witt/Kieffer, an Oakbrook, Illinois-based search firm in conjunction with a campus search committee. A review of applicants will begin in early 2015.
            The search committee is being chaired by Mary Whiting, dean of enrollment.  Members of the committee are Jay Hughes, vice chancellor for students services, Bob Ware, vice chancellor of the UAM College of Technology-McGehee, faculty members Dr. Ed Bacon, Dr. John Hunt, Donna Hunnicutt, Head Baseball Coach John Harvey, Leah Bryant, administrative assistant to the chancellor, Monticello businessmen Bennie Ryburn, III, and Tommy Maxwell, both former members of the UAM Board of Visitors, and Cliff Gibson, a member of the UA Board of Trustees.
            UAM was founded in 1909 as the Fourth District Agricultural School, became Arkansas A&M in 1928 and joined the University of Arkansas System on July 1, 1971. UAM is home to approximately 3,800 students and includes three campuses – the main campus in Monticello and Colleges of Technology in Crossett and McGehee.
            Consultants from Witt/Kieffer working with the UAM search committee are Lucy Leske and Zachary Smith. They can be reached at<>.
            Anyone wishing to contact the UAM search committee may email Mary Whiting at<>. Information regarding the search may be found at<>.

Book Fair Being Held at Brunson

A Book Fair is being held at Brunson New Vision Charter School in the Media Center Monday, October 27 - Friday, October 31.  The Book Fair will be open from 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 each weekday except Tuesday when the fair will be open throughout the hours of parent/teacher conferences, 3:00-7:00 p.m.  They will have a raffle Tuesday night for books and prizes from the Scholastic Book Fair.

Photos From Banks All-School Reunion

The Banks All-School reunion was held recently in the Family Life Center of Immanuel Baptist Church.  The well-attended event provided hours of fellowship, reminiscing, food, and fun. hopes you enjoy the pictures provided by Kim Forrest.

Books Wanted for Library Book Sale

The Warren Branch Library is getting ready for their Fall Book Sale and is now accepting book donations.  Clean out your bookshelves and closets and donate them for this sale.  Please bring all donations, paperback an hardback, to the library.  All proceeds from the sale will benefit children's programs.  The book sale will be held November 17-21.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Warren Bank&Trust Hosts 4-H For 68th Time

For 68 years Warren Bank and Trust Company has hosted the annual Bradley County 4-H Awards Dinner.  The 2014 event took place October 21st at First United Methodist Church.  A good crowd was on hand to congratulate the 2014 winners on the county, district and state level.  Charlee Carter served as host for the event and Baxter Harrod gave the invocation.  A delicious meal was served and the audience led, by the 4-H participants, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.
4-H'er of the Year Charlee Carter and Kelly Ashcraft, Warren
Bank and Trust Company President

Awards were presented by John Gavin and Michelle Carter.  Angelia Lamb was named "Leader of the Year" and the Hermitage Outdoors Club was named "Club of the Year."  Charlee Carter was given the award as "4-H'er of the year" by Kelly Ashcraft, President of Warren Bank and Trust Company.

The following 4-H awards were announced;
Sean Davis-BB shooting
Westin Gavin-Bait casting, BB shooting, Reserve Champion 4-H pullet
A'Maura Davis-Performing arts, instrumental
Gabe Breshears-Bicycle safety, bait casting, BB shooting, illustrated talk
Sean Breshears-illustrated talk

Joe Isaiah Breshears-Bait casting, illustrated talk
Calina Smith-Bicycle safety
Charlee Carter-Performimg arts, dance
Keller Bigham-Performing arts, dance
Caleb Lamb-Performing arts, instrumental, horticulture
Macey Camp-Illustrated talk
Ethan Ward-Performimg arts, vocal
Joshua Lamb-Public speaking
Heidi Calhoun-Baked goods
Samantha Evans-Crafts, purses
Deakota Baggett-Photography
Cassidy Trucks-Grand champion 4-H pullet, best of show large fowl trio
Caden Mann-Grand champion duck, reserve champion duck
Cindy Ferrell-Grand champion market hog
Bailey Harrod-Reserve champion market hog, senior showmanship,swine
Samantha Clanton-Reserve championmarket goat, Grand champion market lamb, Senior showmanship market goat
Brooke Clanton-Reserve champion market lamb
Madison McGhee-Grand champion market goat, Junior showmanship market lamb
Halleigh Harrod-Junior showmanship, swine
Cassidy Hollingsworth-Junior showmanship market lamb

Macey Camp-District pet care
Joshua Lamb-District environmental stewardship
Ethan Ward-District performing arts,vocal
A"Maura Davis-District performing arts, instrumental
Caleb Lamb-District performing arts, instrumental
Charlee Carter-District performing arts,dance and arts & humanities record book

Sean Davis-4-H state camp counselor
Caleb Lamb-4-H camp counselor, state performing arts, instrumental
Charlee Carter-State performing arts, dance
Lamb-State environmental stewardship and 4-H state camp counselor
Baxter Harrod-State livestock judging
Ali Hollingsworth-State livestock judging
A'Kay Wardlaw-State livestock judging
Emily Williams-State livestock judging
Samantha Clanton-State livestock judging

The many volunteers who work with the 4-H Clubs were thanked for their dedicated efforts.

Help Save Elkins’ Ferry Battlefield!

The Elkins’ Ferry Battlefield, which straddles the Clark/Nevada County line on the Little Missouri River, was the site of an April 3-4, 1864, action during the Camden Expedition.  The owner has agreed to sell 448 acres of the battlefield for $950,000.  Pledges totaling $625,000 have been made toward the purchase and the remaining $325,000 needs to be well on the way to being secured before the owner will sign a contract.

Donations can be made at or sent to the Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 W 1st St. S., Prescott AR  71857; specify that the donation is for the Elkins’ Ferry Battlefield.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve this hallowed ground!


The Bradley County Cooperative Extension Service will be conducting a Private Applicator Training for agricultural producers on Thursday, November 6th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Bradley County Extension Office, located at 100 E. First Street (behind the Courthouse).  Agricultural producers must be certified by training to be eligible for a Restricted Pesticide License in order to purchase and apply restricted-use pesticides.

There is a $10.00 fee for the pesticide applicator training.  You will pay at the door on the night of the training.  The training is approximately three hours long, and producers must attend the entire training to be certified.  If you have any questions, please contact John Gavin at 870-226-8410.  The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action institution.  If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate or need materials in another format, please contact your County Extension office as soon as possible. Dial 711 for Arkansas Relay.

Arrest Report: October 27, 2014

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Gerry Lephiew, 1314 Bradley Rd. 25 N, Warren, AR., age 41, arrested on warrant x2 (10-20-14)

Jeremy Lloyd, 2141 Barkada Rd., Montocello, AR., age 31, charged with fraud (10-21-14)

Biloal Neal, 1421 Belaire, Warren, AR., age 41, arrested on bench warrant, charged with possession of intent to deliver (10-22-14)

Christopher Marks, 1413 Belaire, Warren, AR., age 39, arrested on bench warrant, charged with possession with intent to deliver (10-22-14)

James Baldwin, 619 N. Martin, Warren, AR., age 31, charged with disorderly conduct and batter 3rd, and public intoxication (10-22-14)

Billie Ann Repollet, 611 N. Martin, Warren, AR., age 45, charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with law enforcement (10-22-14)

Laura Simpson, 611 N. Martin, Warren, AR., age 44, charged with disorderly conduct (10-22-14)

Derek Gray, 1101 Ross Avenue, El Dorado, AR., age 32, charged with failure to appear and driving on a suspended license (10-21-14)

Dennis Haskell, 903 York St., Warren, AR., age 44, charged with speeding, DWLS, DWI I (10-24-14)

Rafeal Escamilla, 707 South Myrtle St., #30, Warren, AR., age 29, charged with DWI, Refusal to take test (10-25-14)

Robert Anderson, 509 York St., Warren, AR., age 39, arrested on warrant (10-26-14)

Bradley County Medical Center Well Prepared For Ebola

Tanya Chancellor, RN

It is not likely to happen but there is the possibility that someone will walk into Bradley County Medical Center or be transported in by ambulance and have the Ebola virus.  In the world in which we live, with easy and frequent travel throughout the world, the possibility exists.  Therefore Bradley County Medical Center must be ready and they are.

Hours of work have gone into preparation and planning to deal with the disease should it appear at the hospital.  Protective gear, training and protocols have been put in place to do what is best for the sick individual, protect those treating them and to protect others being treated in the hospital and the general public. recently visited the hospital and was given detailed information on how Ebola or a suspected case would be dealt with.  Katy Hall showed our staff how any suspected case would be handled and we were shown the suite that must be worn when dealing with anyone even considered a carrier of the virus.

All hospital personnel from nurses to office staff to those who carry out any type function in the hospital are being trained.  Anyone who reports to the hospital ER, the business office or for any kind of medical services will be asked a series of questions to try to determine if the individual is a risk.  Should a person be suspected of having the virus or having been around a person with the virus, the individual will be quarantined in a negative pressure private room.  Appropriate test will be conducted and sent for review by the Center for Disease Control.  Ambulances and ambulance personnel are also being trained and equipped.

Head of nursing, Tiffany Holland stated that training is ongoing and all procedures are being strictly followed.  She said the hospital plans to do mock training to further enhance the hospital's ability to properly deal with any case that might occur in Warren.

Bradley County Medical Center is spending a considerable sum of money to train and equip its people and facilities.  Their goal is to be ready and be successful should the need arise.  Their hope is that it never becomes necessary.

Intermodal Board Votes To Accept Bid For Water Tank

During the October 15th board meeting of the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority, the board voted to accept the low bid to of $1,865,640.00 for a steel leg water tank submitted by Phoenix Fabricators.  The Authority has $1,766,966.22 of available grant money and there must be local matching funds provided.  To complete the project, the Intermodal must come up with $499,168.00.  There are time limits on utilizing the grant money.

Warren Mayor Bryan Martin told the board that he will recommend the City of Warren cover its share of the cost over a 3-4 year time frame.  There was no indication from Monticello, Drew County or Bradley County as to there willingness or ability to pay their 25% shares.

There was much discussion about the type water tank to build and ways to try to reduce cost.

Joel Tolefree Announces for Ward 1, Position 2

I would like to start this political announcement for Councilman of Ward 1, Position 2, by saying thank you to the citizens of Warren and Bradley County.  I say this because my record of service for the city has reached far beyond the city limits.  Just a few examples would be working with the SE Arkansas Food Bank, Youth Sports, 4-H, and SE Arkansas Head Start programs.

While at the Chamber of Commerce, we were able to purchase a manger scene display for all to be proud of, and to say that this community believes in Christ.  During that time, the Pink Tomato Festival was named the State Festival of the Year and was featured on the Food Network.

All these things were made possible by the people of Bradley County and surrounding areas.  It is always a joy to work with the businesses of Bradley County, and I strive to make decisions with all in mind.  I was humbled to be named the Bradley County Citizen of the Year.
I am asking for your continued support, because through God’s guidance, I will continue to work for YOU, ALL THE CITIZENS.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Local Art Auction and Show Set For Saturday

Warren Forward will host an art show and auction Saturday, November 1, at 6:30 p.m. at BrINN.  The auction will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the evening.  The auction will begin at 7:00 p.m.

A number of local artists have donated pieces of their art to be auctioned, with all proceeds going to Warren Forward.  The art showcases a variety of medium: watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, and oil.

In addition to the auction, some of the artists will show other pieces of their work.

The art show and auction is open and free to the public.

Bradley County Medical Center Prepares For Ebola

While the odds are high that BCMC will ever have to deal with the Ebola virus, the hospital is making plans just in case.  The hospital board was briefed on the preparations during  the monthly meeting October 23rd.  Hospital Administrator Rex Jones went into detail on training and equipment purchases made by the hospital over the past several weeks to be ready in case the worst happens.
He said that hospital staff are speaking with the CDC almost daily to make sure BCMC is folowing the correct protocols and has the best equipment.  He stated he could yet give the board a cost for the efforts underway but will do so as soon as possible.  He told them it was essential to be as ready as possible.

In other business the board reviewed the financial report, looked at the Home Health Care statistics and heard a report form the director of food services, Anthony Smith.  Mr. Jones gave his executive update and provided a written report form director of nursing, Tiffany Holland.

Administrator Rex Jones indicated talks are ongoing with Arkansas State University to use utilize future Osteopathy interns, new radiology equipment is in and the switchboard has been relocated to make it more efficient.  He provided an overall  Administrators report on various programs and activities.

Mr. Jones informed the board that a Medicare Certification  Survey had recently been conducted on the hospital and it had gone well.  He said a few corrections are required and those conducting the survey were very helpful.

Upon recommendation by the Medical Staff the following actions were taken regarding medical personnel:
Approved to practice at BCMC;
Joe Wharton, M.D. reappointed
Peter Guresky, M.D. reappointed
Dennis Jacks, M.D. reappointed
Becky Steward, M.D. reappointed
Vikram Durairaj, M.D. reappointed
Timothy harton, M.D. reappointed
Samuel Norwood, M.D. reappointed
Jay Connelley, M.D. provisional appointment
Bryan Hoang, M.D. provisional appointment
Joseph Hackler, M.D. provisional appointment

Moved to inactive status; Kasey Austin, RN, Sherry Congleton, RN, Susan Johnston, NA, Dwana Lee, RN, Robin Cox, D.O., Jermey Warford, M.D.

The next board meeting is set for November 24th which is a Monday since the regular meeting date falls on Thanksgiving.


Preparations are underway for the Holiday Foods Tasting Event to be held at Immanuel Baptist Church fellowship building November 3, at 6 pm.  Sponsored each year by the Bradley County Extension Homemakers, the proceeds help to fund local service projects.  Members of the decorating committee met recently at the home of Egie Wilson and constructed centerpieces and door prizes for the occasion.   Pictured (L to R) are Tabitha Herrington, President; Wanda Carr; Sandra DalSanto; Egie Wilson and Judy Simmons, Regional President.  Not pictured, Linda Kercheval. Tickets may be purchased in advance from the Extension office or at the door the night of the event.
Persons interested in becoming a part of this organization should contact Michelle Carter, County Extension Agent at 870 226-8410 or a club member.

EAST Students Create Video for Warren School District

Students in the EAST program at SEACBEC routinely use filming and editing skills to create short
movies, presentations, and broadcasts for the student body and projects in which they are involved. By
doing so, students learn how to use camera equipment, discover creative options of interviewing and
recording, and use professional software to enhance projects.
Recently, a group of five students were involved in filming, editing, and sharing a video project
showcasing one of Warren Middle School's teachers, Mrs. Rosalynda Ellis. Mrs. Ellis delivered a
presentation on grading entitled "Explaining 4, 3, 2, 1" that is now available for viewing on the Warren
School District website,,
The EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) program is located at SEACBEC on the Warren
School District campus. It is a technology centered program that is dedicated to participating with
community and organizational needs.

Bradley County Genealogy Society Meets

Ralph Coston speaks to Genealogy Society

Members of the Bradley County Genealogy Society met Sunday October 26th at the Bradley County Veterans Museum and heard a presentation from Ralph Coston relating to Mr Coston's family.  He told the group his family is from Magnet Cove, Arkansas and the first members of his family to arrived there did so in 1845.  Others by the name Coston, showed up around 1883.

Mr. Coston covered a great deal of family history and discussed the research he has conducted.  He stated that family members get together regularly at different locations around the United States.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lions Club District Governor Visits Warren

The Warren Lions Club welcomed Lions Club District Governor Cody Snider to Warren Wednesday October 22nd for the annual visit with the Warren Club.  Mr. Snider is a member of the Carlisle Lions Club and is District Governor for District 7-N.  District Governor Snider talked about the goals of Lions Clubs and stressed our motto,"We Serve."  He told the members that we need to strenthen our pride by leadership, communication and promotion.  He discussed ways to carry out the goals.

The District Governor handed out a 15 year service pin to Lion Tom Colvin and a 10 year pin to Lion Harold Mitchell.  He expressed his appreciation to the two members and the entire club for service  work in the Warren community.

Public Hearing to Be Held

Warren School District Press Release

Warren High School
Public Hearings
November 19, 2014
3:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
WHS Media Center
For discussion of a proposed
conversion charter school application

Advertisement RT 11-17-14

Save The Date

New Family Physician Locates Practice In Warren

Dr. Bryan Hoang and Teresa Foscue

Dr. Bryan Hoang, has purchased the Foscue Medical Clinic and began a family practice in Warren.  Dr. Hoang is a native of Monticello and a graduate of Monticello High School.  He has a BS degree in chemistry from the University of Arkansas at Monticello and a BS in Biology also from UAM.  His medical degree was gained at the UAMS.  His internship and residency requirements were meet in the State of Arkansas.  He has been practicing medicine in Southeast Arkansas for the past two years.

The clinic will be operated under "Mindful Health Services, LLC.  The office will continue to be known as Foscue Medical Clinic.  Foscue Medical Clinic is located at 113 W. Cypress Street and can be reached by phone at 226-2844.  Dr. Hoang was approved for hospital privileges by Bradley County Medical Center during the hospital board's meeting October 23, 2014.

Dr. Hoang indicated that he looks forward to establishing a practice where he can continue his passion for medicine and his compassion for his patients.  He said he strongly believes in preventive medicine and sees patients from newborn to geriatric.  He is accepting new patients.

The Foscue Medical Clinic was originally constructed by the late Dr. George French Wynne and later served as the practice for Dr. David Foscue.  Dr. Hoang is at work and stated he is very pleased to be in Warren and is ready to serve the people of this community.

Mt. Carmel to Celebrate 148th Anniversary

Holocaust survivor to speak on Nov. 6

Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Inge Auerbacher, who spent three years imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, will speak in a free engagement at 7 p.m. on Nov. 6 at the El Dorado Conference Center, part of the South Arkansas Community College Lecture Series.
Auerbacher and her parents were among the 1 percent who survived their ordeal in the camp in Czechoslovakia, where they were exiled after being sent from their native Germany. They were rescued by the Russian army on May 8, 1945. A year later they immigrated to New York; Auerbacher later became a U.S. citizen and ultimately, a chemist.
She has been awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Louis E. Yavner Citizen Award and a Long Island University honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, as well as two Medals of Merit and a Federal Cross of Merit from institutions in Germany.
Auerbacher also has penned six books about various aspects of her life and career, which have been translated into nine languages.
This appearance will be followed by a question-and-answer session and a book signing. For more information call (870) 864-7156.

PHOTO: Auerbacher.

Miguel Sedano Among Those Awarded Scholarships at SouthArk

The South Arkansas Community College Foundation awarded several scholarships recently for the fall semester at the college.
Hunter Sullivan, a 2014 graduate of El Dorado High School and a nursing major at SouthArk, has accepted a E.W. Pickering Endowed Scholarship.
Nikisha Faulkner, a 1993 graduate of Mount Holly High School and a business major at SouthArk, has accepted a REACH Scholarship.
ShaiAndrea Blair, a 2011 graduate of Smackover High School and a business administration major at SouthArk, has accepted a James Family Endowed Scholarship.
Dawn Tucker, a 2004 graduate of Maranatha Baptist Christian School and an office occupations major at SouthArk, has accepted an Alpha Xi Scholarship.
Miguel Sedano, a 2010 graduate of Warren High School and a respiratory therapy major at SouthArk, has accepted a Living the Dream Scholarship.
Gabriela Wilson, a nursing major at SouthArk, has accepted a Lucy Ring Academic Excellence Endowed Scholarship.
JaQuetta Gaines, a 2011 graduate of Rison High School and an occupational therapy assistance major at SouthArk, has accepted a General Scholarship.
Crystal Emerson, a 1999 graduate of Taylor High School, has accepted a Lucy Ring Academic Excellence Endowed Scholarship.
Katelyn Wood, a 2011 graduate of Junction City High School, has accepted an El Dorado Jaycees Scholarship.
Tiffany Gray, a 2003 graduate of El Dorado High School, has accepted a Mable and Emon Mahony Endowed Scholarship.