Thursday, September 20, 2018


WARREN, AR - Members of various businesses and organizations in Bradley County are in partnership to ensure Bradley County reaches the goal of becoming an ACT Work Ready Community. Becoming certified would empower the county with data, processes, and tools that drive economic growth. It would do so by highlighting Bradley County as a potential destination for industries seeking to expand. Local employers in our region recognize the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate® when hiring. As of August 2018, Bradley County has reached 94% of the goals required to obtain this certification. This has been in part to the efforts of SEACBEC and the South Arkansas Community College Adult Education Center in testing citizens in our county. If you are interesting in taking the NCRC, contact Joanna Carpenter at SouthArk’s Adult Education Center in Bradley County at 870-864-8481.

The next ACT Work Ready Communities meeting will be Thursday, October 11. For more information or to get involved, contact Len Blaylock, BCEDC Director, at 870.226.3760.

Bridge Completed And Paved

Mayor Bryan Martin is shown standing on the newly constructed  bridge on Boyd Street in the area known as Pennisterville or the Southernside, just north of the Southern Mill in Northwest Warren.  The previous structure had eroded and become unsafe.  The City blocked the bridge several months ago and has been in the process of getting it rebuilt.  Fortunately all residents of the area had access into and out of their property, although some had to travel an alternate route.

The City of Warren had to have the new structure designed by a certified engineer and bid out the construction project.  Total cost is over $80,000.00 and is being paid for 100% form city funds.

The bridge is completed except for the side rails, which should be installed very soon.  It remains blocked off until the rails are installed, but is useable by emergency vehicles. 

Arkansas "Voter Guide" Available To Learn About Ballot Issues

The general election for 2018, often called the mid-terms, is set for November 6.  It is referred to as "midterm"  because it is time for the election of all 435 members of congress and one third off the United States Senate and it is between Presidential elections, which are of course conducted every four years.  It is also time for election of all constitutional officers in Arkansas, all 100 members of the Arkansas House and one third of the Arkansas Senate.  It is also time to elect all county offices in Arkansas and most council members, mayors and other municipal officials.  In addition five constitutional amendments will be on the ballet in Arkansas.

Let's look at the constitutional amendments that all voters in Arkansas will be asked to consider:
1. Issue No. 1-This issue is referred to the voters by the Arkansas General Assembly.  The proposal would limit attorney's contingency fees in civil lawsuits and put caps on punitive damages for personal injury, property damage of wrongful death.  It is a lengthy proposal.

2. Issue No. 2- This issue is referred to the voters by the Arkansas General Assembly and would require anyone voting to present  valid photographic identification when voting in person or absentee.  It also requires the State of Arkansas to provide such identification to all voters free of charge.

3. Issue No. 3-This matter sets new term limits for members of the Arkansas Legislature.  It would limit any one from serving more than 6- years in the House and limit any one from serving more than 8- years in the Senate.  It would limit any one from serving more than 10- years total in the General Assembly.  The current law allows up to a total of 16-years.

4. Issue No. 4-This proposal would require four licenses to be issued for casino gaming in Arkansas.  There would be one each in Crittenden County to Southland Racing Corporation, Garland County to Oaklawn Jockey Club, Pope County and Jefferson County. 

5. Issue No. 5-This proposal would increase the Arkansas minimum wage.  The wage would go to $9.25 per hour on January 1, 2019, to $10.00 on January 1, 2020 and to $11.00 on January 1, 2021.
* Issues 3,4,5 were put on the ballot by petitions signed by registered voters.
** Legal challenges have been filed against some of these amendments which could force any
    one of them off the ballott.

Every voter should educate themselves on each proposal and be prepared to vote for or against each one.  A "Voters Guide" is available that details each proposed amendment in detail.  Copies are available for free at the offices of the Cooperative Extension Service, the Bradley County Library and Rob Reep Studio.  The Guides are free.  Pick one up and learn the issues.

Tyson Board Appoints New CEO

The Board of Directors of Tyson Foods has named Noel White as the new CEO. 
Mr. White was forerly group president for beef, pork international and a member of Tyson foods' Enterprise Leadership Team.  His appointment as CEO is effective September 30th.  Mr. White will also join the Tyson Board of Directors

Community Action Board Meets

The Board of Directors of the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Agency met at the corporations headquarters in Warren Tuesday, September 18th for the monthly board meeting.  Minutes of previous meetings were approved and committee reports and administrative reports were submitted.  In old business, they voted to allow the staff to submit a grant in the amount of $33,288.00 to purchase and install 8 security cameras in Head Start facilities throughout the agency's jurisdiction.  Also approved were grant applications for child nutrition, CSBG, Head Start and commodities.  The CSBG quarterly report was given to the board.

A great amount of time was spent discussing the bylaws and the issue of board members missing too many meetings.  The board ultimately voted to remove five members which included two from  Ashley County, and one each from Bradley, Chicot and Drew. There was considerable discussion over who should be removed and the process to be followed.  The meeting got intense at times as Mr. Darryl Johnson from Ashley County continued to challenge several actions taken by the board, and interim executive director ( over a period of years ) and the legality of some members.  The board was notified that County Judge Hudson of Ashley County has chosen to appoint Mr. Johnson to represent him on the board.  There was a lengthy debate over whether or not the board has to confirm such an appointment or if it simply stands upon the county judge's actions.  It appeared the board finally accepted the fact that Mr. Johnson was duly designated as a board member, representing the public official sector.  No vote was taken and Mr. Johnson began participating and voting.

New Suspect Arrested in Murder of Caleb White

On the date of September 18, 2018 Kobe Junior (19) of Little Rock was taken into custody on a Capital Murder warrant in connection with the Warren September 7, 2018 murder of Caleb White. Junior is awaiting his First Judicial Appearance at this time. The case is still under investigation.


Both LaDonte Miller and Tony Jackson went before Judge Bruce Anderson on Monday, September 17, 2018 for their First Appearances and both were denied bond.

Jr. Rotarians Attend Meetings

The Junior Rotarians for September 18th, 25th, and October 2nd are (l-r): Karringon Hall, Junior Pacheco, and Jahaira Angeles.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Intermodal Pays Off Loan

After recently receiving $40,000.00 from Drew County and $30,000.00 from the City of Warren, the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority Board voted to pay off a loan with Commerical Bank in the amount of $64,147.19 plus interest of $857.95.  This leaves the authority with $13,405.22 in cash.  Another $75,000.00 is expected sometime in the future from the State of Arkansas as authorized by the General Assembly.  The authority has some modest recurring monthly expenses such as electrical cost and accounting services.  The monthly financial report continues to list the following receivables from the two counties and two cities that created the intermodal authority:
*Drew County-$4,100.36
*Bradley County-$177,342.96
It should be noted that BradleyCounty has ceased to contribute cash to the intermodal for construction projects and matches to state and federal grants, and has begun to provide onsite in- kind labor to maintain and improve the intermodal site.  County road crews and equipment are conducting work on the site as needed and the county is credited with the amount spent.

Short Quorum Court Meeting/General Discussion

Members of the Bradley County Quorum Court met for a brief regular monthly Quorum Court meeting Monday evening, September 17th in the Bradley County Courthouse.  County Judge Klay McKinney presided.

The court reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting and approved the financial reports and the Sheriff and Collectors monthly report.  Sheriff Tillman informed the Justices that Brad Johnson has been hired as BC3.

After a short report by the county judge, there was a general discussion on several matters as brought up by various members of the court.  Justice Pat Mormon asked if the propose tax being drawn up by the county attorney to place a fee on liquor sales in the county, would include new businesses that may locate in the county that sale liquor?  He was told, yes.  He also ask if the county ever goes wet, would the tax be levied on package stores?  Sheriff Tillman stated that can be looked into.  The proposed tax will come back to the court for future action.

Justice Hargraves asked about any reimbursement the county receives from the state for transporting state inmates.  He was told none is being paid at this time.

Judge McKinney talked about mitigation grants for the replacement of wooden bridges and the planned countywide cleanup set for September 29th.  He indicated the landfill will be open that day and there will be no charge to dispose of items.  The judge also informed the court that work is underway closing out six cells at the landfill.

There was continued discussion about the billing process for quarterly solid waste fees.  Judge McKinney told the justices that to move to a monthly billing cycle would be costly and he thinks it should remain quarterly.  It was suggested that residents be informed that they can still pay monthly if they choose.

Justice Parnell asked if the county has an ordinance requiring a tarp on a open vehicle hauling debris.  He was told the county does not have such an ordinance.  He asked if it should be looked into in order to reduce littering.  No action was taken.

Changes In Prison/Jail Proposal

Questions have been being asked for some time, what is going on with the plan to build a private prison in Bradley or Drew County.  For around three years there have been discussions between county and state officials relating to the idea of a private company building, owning and managing a penitentiary, with jail cells for utilization by county governments for local prisoners.  The original concept was to create a multiple county jail commission.  No one was able to explain why a public commission was needed to contract with a private company.  After many months of meetings, and a number of private meetings among officials, and the adoption of ordinances by Bradley and Drew Counties, the idea of a public commission was apparently dropped.

Next, the Bradley County Quorum Court was told the plan was for the private company to build, own and operate the facility and the state would directly contract with the company to house several hundred state inmates while the two counties would directly contract on an annual basis for the private firm to house a set number of county prisoners to be paid for by the counties. 

Now sources tell that the new plan is for the private company to build, own and operate the prison, but contract for the housing of all inmates ( state and local ) with the county where the facility is built.  The state would then contract with the county to house the several hundred state prisoners.  When asked why the change, sources told SRC, in order for the state not to have to bid out the services.  When questioned about the liability to the county the facility is located in, the source stated there was none.  When questioned further concerning the constitutional authority and responsibility of local sheriffs under this type arrangement, SRC was told we did not know what we were talking about and do not understand.  In talking to other sources, we are told there is confusion and lack of communication with the process.  Later, a few days after this information was provided to SRC, sources indicated that plans may again be changed.  We are not sure as to the current state of the project or what type plan is being pursued.  Some sources continue to say the project will be decided upon within two weeks.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

USAF Mobility Brass LIVE To Present Free Performance At UAM November 10

    MONTICELLO, AR — The United States Air Force Band of Mid-America Mobility Brass LIVE will present a free public concert at the University of Arkansas at Monticello November 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the UAM Fine Arts Center.

Mobility Brass Quintet is the newest performing group of the U.S. Air Force Band of Mid-America, which performs in a 10-state area. With the traditional instrumentation of two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba, the ensemble is known for its versatility and outstanding musicianship.

A component group of the Band of Mid-America, their performance repertoire spans five centuries, from the antiphonal sounds of the Renaissance to diverse American musical styles. "Whether a military march, jazz standard or an original arrangement of patriotic favorites, each Mobility Brass Quintet program is a blend of inspiration and entertainment," said Jason Smith, director of jazz studies at UAM. "Its' repertoire has universal appeal and includes special programming for younger audiences. This ensemble not only performs in concert halls and civic events, but also adds a distinctive presence to official military ceremonies and events of state."

For more information, contact the UAM Division of Music at (870) 460-1060.

Rescuing Souls From the Storm

Braydon Moseley of Kingwood, Texas was recently honored as a Hero of Harvey in the Houston Chronicle ( for his actions following Hurricane Harvey.    It all began the night before the worst of the hurricane.  A mentor from Brayden's church .called him and asked him if he could use his fishing bat to to help rescue families trapped in flooded areas.  At that point, the 15-year old asked if he was going to be invited to help in the rescue mission.  After obtaining permission from his parents, Brayden, and his menotor headed toward Beltway 8 seeking out those who needed help.  According to the article, Brayden and his mentor rescued 15 families.

On the following night, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Moseley received a call from a friend in the Fister Mills Village informing him they were trapped in threir home surrounded by flood water.  By the time Moseley had arrived, his friend's family had already been rescued.  However, he saw others in need of rescue and never hesitated to ferry them to safety.  He spent close to 8 hours rescuing approximately 20 families.

Brayden says his life has been profoundly affected by his experiences.  He says it has given him a new view of life and that he sees that he is very fortunate.

Brayden is the grandson of Jimmy and Emily Moseley of Warren.

Here at, we applaud him for all his good will.  He is indeed a hero.

Arrest Report: Sept. 17, 2018

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Tony Jackson, 1103 Kelly St., Warren, AR., age 25, charged with capita murder and tampering with evidence (9-13-18)

Christy Marshall, 599 University Bld., Apt. 926, TX., age 27, charged with batter 3rd (9-15-18)

Keith Davis, York St., Warren, AR., age 25, arrested on warrant-Warren (9-15-19)

Smitty Davis, 519 Cobb St., Warren, AR., age 51, charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, possession of controlled substance-marijuana (9-16-19)

Seventeen Fireman Respond To Alarm

Seventeen Warren fire fighters and two engines responded to a car fire on the property of Simple Simons Pizza September 15th.  The vehicle was unattended and was heavily damaged by the blaze.  No foul play is suspected and the firemen quickly extinguished the fire.  There were noi injuries.

According to Warren Fire Chief Howard Edwards, students form the Warren Head Start Program toured the fire station Monday, September 17th to learn about the Warren Fire Department and to be educated on fire prevention.

Jersey and Hermitage Rural Fire Departments respond to fire on Hwy 160 W

 At approximately 4:47 PM, Monday, September 17, Jersey Fire Department was called to a grass fire at 707 Highway 160 W near Jersey.  Upon arrival, firefighters found the fire spanning the landline at the rear of residence of Mr. Carl Holland along the shared property boundary between Mr. Holland and  an out of town timber company. Approximately,  one half acre burned totally. The fire was quickly extinguished with all trucks and personnel leaving the scene at approximately 6:10 PM.
Responding to the fire was 2 Jersey brush trucks, 4 Jersey Firefighters, 1 Hermitage Rural truck and 1 Hermitage Rural Firefighter.

Jersey Fire Department forges toward FFI and FFII Certification

A dedicated core of Jersey Volunteer Fire Department Firefighters continue to forge onward to the sought after goal of becoming Arkansas Certified Firefighters I and Firefighters ll . The journey began in January of 2018 with classes being taught roughly alternating Saturdays throughout the past year. The committed crew has logged and completed 192 class hours of instruction with the physical practicum and written exams to be conquered in late fall or winter of 2018. These designations will place Jersey Volunteer Fire Department as one of among only 10  Arkansas Volunteer Fire Departments throughout the state.

Also in 2018, Jersey Fire Department has received the designations of Jersey Firewise Fire District, Arkansas Firewise Community and Firewise USA Fire District.  Recently,  Jersey Firefighter and Jersey Firewise Coordinator Sheila Loomis was offered the position of Arkansas Firewise Specialist which included training, as well as interstate communication between Arkansas Firewise Communities and state Firewise Communities throughout the US.
Jersey Volunteer Fire Department is under the leadership of Fire chief  Kenny Loomis, President Vaughn Fisher, Vice President Wayne Ederington and Secretary/CTO/ AFTA Instructor Sheila Loomis.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Student Success Center/University Police Department Ribbon Cut

A large crowd gathered September 11, 2018 to take part in a dual ribbon cutting on the campus of the University of Arkansas-Monticello.  The purpose was to officially dedicate the new Student Success Center building and the new University Police facility.  Both are wonderful additions to the UAM physical campus.

The welcome was given by Jeff Weaver, Vice Chancellor for Advancement and the dedicatory prayer was rendered by MBSF Pastor, Rob Leonard.  Special guest speakers were U of A  System President Dr. Donald Bobbitt, UAM Chancellor Dr. Karla Hughes and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.  On hand were members of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees and the UAM Board of Visitors.

The Success Center is a one stop shop for student services and provides space to study, work on class projects and socialize.  It sets just west of the current Administrative building.

AT&T Phone Issues Effect Users Monday

A phone problem occurring with AT&T has effected a number of people throughout South Arkansas. What we know as of 2:30 p.m. CST is that in at least Warren, anyone trying to call from an AT&T landline or cellphone to an AT&T landline is unable to do so.  There is currently no estimated time as to when a fix will be found.

911 services in Warren are still functioning properly.

Update On Local Dentist

According to information received from the attorney for Dr. John Durmon and the attorney for the Arkansas State Dental Board, the hearing scheduled by the Dental Board for September 14th, has been continued to an unspecified date, pending the outcome of criminal charges recently filed by the State of Arkansas.  At this time, Dr. Durmon's license remains suspended by the board.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Emergency Test Postponed

The EAS and WEA test that was scheduled for September 20th has been cancelled and rescheduled for October 3rd at 2:18 EDT.  The test was rescheduled due to the flooding in North and South Carolina.

Program Ending Sept. 28

The FY’2018 Summer Regular & Crisis Assistance Program will close on September 28, 2018. Southeast Arkansas Community Action Corporation will no longer be taking applications.

This news release applies to the following counties:  Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Desha and Drew.

Strickland Named Employee of the Month

BCMC is proud to announce that Brent Strickland, Nursing Assistant, is the August Employee of the Month.  Brent has only been with BCMC since March of this year, but his work is already drawing praise from patients and co-workers alike.  Brent received multiple nominations that all referred to his positive energy, willingness to do whatever is asked, professionalism, and cheerful demeanor.  Brent is a WHS graduate, who recently finished his Psychology degree at UAM.  He is currently in nursing school at UAPB.  BCMC is very fortunate to have a Brent as part of our team.

Friday, September 14, 2018

LIVE: Warren vs. Dollarway

(Game Start Time Aprox. 7:00 p.m. CST)
Must be a subscriber to watch live.
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If you have any technical difficulties, please call the NFHS Network at

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Two Arrested in Murder of Caleb White

According to the Warren Police Department, Tony Jackson, age 25, of Warren, and LaDonte Miller, age 18, of Monticello, have been arrested in connection with the September 7, 2018, Warren murder investigation of Caleb White.

Tony Jackson is in custody and currently charged with capital murder and tampering with evidence.  No bond is set at this time.

LaDonte Miller is in custody and currently charged with capital murder.  No bond is set at this time.

The investigation is still ongoing.  It is being investigated by the Warren Police Department and Arkansas State Police CID Division.  Monticello Police Department have also assisted in this investigation, as well.  

Repairing Bad Credit to be Subject of Workshop

MONTICELLO, AR — How to repair bad credit is the subject of a free public workshop September 20 from 11 a.m. to 12 noon at the UAM College of Technology-McGehee.

The annual workshop, which is open to both students and the community, is being presented by the Career Pathways Initiative at the McGehee campus. For more information, contact Cortez Smith, Career Pathways director, at (870) 460-2102 or Justin Carbage, community outreach coordinator, at (870) 460-2129.

Anna Wilkerson to Reign Over WHS Homecoming

Left to Right:  Destiny Thomas, Sabria Trotter,Reed Woodard, T'Nyia Cox, Queen Anna Wilkerson, Jovankah Rodriguez, Kacie Cooper, Anne Yepes, and Isabel Densmore
Senior Anna Wilkerson was recently elected 2018 Warren Lumberjack Homecoming Queen by the student body in grades 10-12.  Queen Anna is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wilkerson.  She will be crowned during the Homecoming Coronation which will be held Friday, September 28, at 12:30 p.m. in the Warren Cultural Center.  Queen Anna will be escorted in the coronation ceremony by seniors Treylon Burks and Avery Weaver.  Treylon is the son of Mrs. Shafreda Strickland.  Avery is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Weaver.  During the halftime presentation, Queen Anna will be escorted by her father.  Attendants for the queen are Madi Kate Gates, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garett Gates and Maddox Moring, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dakota Moring.  Serving in the queen’s court are eight senior maids.

Maid Kacie Cooper is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cooper.  She will be escorted in the coronation ceremony by senior Caleb Watson.  Caleb is the son of Ms. Hiddi Watson and Mr. Alex Harris.  In the halftime presentation, Kacie will be escorted by her father.

Maid T’Nyia Cox is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cox.  She will be escorted in the coronation ceremony by seniors J’Malachi Kinnard and Markia Miller. J’Malachi is the son of Mr. Toney Kinnard and Ms. Theresa Cooper.  Markia is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nighkia Miller.  In the halftime presentation, T’Nyia will be escorted by her father.

Plea Deals Approved

Three criminal plea agreements were recently approved in Bradley County Circuit Court.  Judge Sam Pope was the presiding judge.

1. Samantha Ashley Miller was convicted of possession of a controlled substance, meth or
    cocaine.  She received 60 months probation and ordered to pay fines and cost.
2. Lakedra T. Warner was convicted of battery I and sentenced to 60 months.  The defendant
    was in violation of probation.
3. Kirsten Elaine Emerson was convicted of forgery and received 60 months probation and ordered
    to pay fines and cost.

Pleas are reached when the defendant pleads guilty and the court approved the sentence imposed.

Two Mass Flu Shot Clinics Set for County

Warren Mass Flu Clinic
Date:  September 24, 2018
Time:  10:00AM-6:00PM
Location:  Bradley County Health Unit
208 North Bragg, Street, Warren, AR

Hermitage Mass Flu Clinic
Date:  October 22, 2018
Time:  2:30PM-8:00PM
Location:  Hermitage High School

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pre-order the 2018 Rob Reep Studio Annual Christmas Ornament

Pacheco Elected WHS SC President

WHS Student Council Officers & Representatives: Pres-Rigoberto Pacheco, VP-Anissa Henry (not pictured), Secretary-India Young(not pictured), Reporter-Emily Rodriguez, Treasurer-Ella Garner. Representatives: 9th-Connor McDiarmid & Riley Cornish, 10th-Richard O'Neill & Brooklyn Solis, 11th-Mark Hairston & Diego Roman, 12th-Xitlaly Gonzalez & Jovankah Rodriguez.