Thursday, March 30, 2017

Krista Sparks Signs With UAM

A good sized crowd of students, family, administrators and friends gathered in the conference room of Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center Thursday, March 30th to witness Warren High School Senior Cheerleader Krista Sparks sign a letter of commitment to attend the University of Arkansas at Monticello and cheer for the Boll Weevils.  Krista was recruited by UAM and will be on the 2017-2018 cheer squad for games and competition.  She will receive scholarship assistance.

Krista is one of six cheerleaders signed for the 2017-2018 school year.  At UAM, cheering is one of the eleven sports sanctioned by the college.

Krista is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sparks of Warren.  She is a very good student which played a key role in her recruitment by UAM.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rotarians and Jr. Rotarians Learn About BC Health Fair

The Warren Rotary Club, which meets each Tuesday at noon in the Fellowship Hall  of First United Methodist Church has enjoyed hosting Jr. Rotarians from Warren High School through the month of March.  The honorees for the time period were Abigail Torres, Stephen McClellan, and Hailey Hudson.  In order to be a Jr. Rotarian, students must be seniors who have exhibited exception character and academic excellence.  The experience is to give these young people a glimpse of civic life as a Rotarian.

At the April 29th meeting, Rotarian Tricia Wilkerson invited Tiffany Spencer, Chief of Nurses at the Bradley County Medical Center who spoke to the group about the upcoming Bradley County Health Fair which will be held Saturday April 29th at the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA from 9:00 1:00 p.m.

Photo:  Left to Right-Rotarian Tricia Wilkerson and Chief of Nurses Tiffany Spencer

Reminder: Open Horizon Conference

The 21st annual "Open Horizons conference is set to take place Thursday, April 6th and Friday, April 7th in the Family Life Center of First Baptist Church of Warren located on Main Street.  The conference is full of educational opportunities and changes to earn continuing education hours.

To register contact: Sheila Smith at 870-226-6774, Ext. 2103

For more information contact Conference Chairman Jimmie Sue Wade at 870-226-6794, Ext. 2406

This is a great opportunity for training and educational benefits.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life Scholar Blood Drive to Be Held Wednesday

A Blood Drive will be held Wednesday, March 29, from 9:00-2:30  p.m. at SEACBEC. The Drive Chairs are Kasey Reep and Emily Harton. The goal for the day is 30 units.

Warren High School is part of the Life Scholar Program, and any and all can give in a student’s name to help with their units for award of the scholarship.

Just give to the Donor Tech the name of the student!

As a reminder, you may schedule blood drive appointments at and forward this link to others to schedule their own appointments.

Elder Care Conference: Plan for Life

Monticello, Arkansas -- An area wide Elder Care Conference will be held at Pauline Baptist Church, 909 North Hyatt Street, on Saturday, April 8 from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.
The focus of the conference is to help families, individuals and caregivers be better prepared to make the difficult decisions concerning issues of aging. Family members of aging individuals may choose to attend as well.
Area professionals, business leaders and ministry leaders will lead the conference.  Topics of the five sessions will include Navigating End of Life Planning, Kindred Health Care When Needed, Estate Planning & Elder Law, Five Benefits of Hospice Care, and Social Security—Planning Your Retirement.
“Waiting until a crisis hits is the worst time to make important decisions.  We can help you plan ahead and be prepared.” – Larry Clements, Pauline Baptist Pastor to Senior Adults.
This conference is presented as a public service ministry. There is no cost for the conference and registration is now open. You may register one of four ways: Visit, click on “Elder Care” and fill out the registration form; Or call 870-367-3085 and register; Or e-mail your name, address, phone, e-mail address and age to; Or you may register from 7:30-8:15 on site Saturday, April 8. This event is presented by “I Heart Monticello” and Pauline Baptist Church.


Over the past several weeks members of the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority have been visiting with the governing bodies of the cities of Warren and Monticello and Bradley County providing updates on the status of the intermodal park and asking each local government to continue to contribute tax dollars to the intermodal construction projects.  Plans are underway to address the Drew County Quorum Court in the near future.  For some time there have been questions among the city councils and quorum courts and the public concerning the purpose of the authority and whether or not the two cities and two counties are legally bound to pay local tax dollars into the authority.  There have been questions from some members of the authority's own board.  Let's see if we can help answer the questions and clarify the issues.

The Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority is a creation of the cities of Warren and Monticello and the counties of Bradley and Drew.  State law empowers local governments to join together and form an authority.  There are several throughout Arkansas.  Under no circumstances are the cities and counties automatically liable for any expenses incurred by the authority.  Never have been.  Only by a vote of the city councils and quorum courts are any of them authorized to contribute money.  In the beginning, such action was taken by the four local governing bodies to provide matching funds to go with grants received by the authority.
Those grants were completed and all bills were paid.  Later Warren, Monticello, Bradley County and Drew County continued to budget additional funds to contribute to the authority on a year to year basis.   Each entity budgeted different amounts and some did not always budget any money. The Intermodal Authority secured more grant funding and continued to develop the park without any legal commitment from the local governments to provide the specific matching requirements.  As a result, the authority began borrowing money to meet its obligations.  Bradley County quit contributing and Drew County gave sporadically.  Warren and Monticello continued with modest annual contributions as approved by their city councils.  Never was a beginning to end financial plan put in place by the intermodal authority.  It appears the cities and counties were just expected to pay all the local grant matches and ongoing expenses.

Now, what is the purpose of the intermodal and why was it started in the first place?  The idea was to build an industrial park capable of providing multiple methods of transportation for goods to be shipped in and out for local industry and to entice new companies to move to South Arkansas to take advantage of the various transportation modes.  The facility is located on U. S. Highway 278 and is at the intersection of what will, hopefully, someday be Interstate 530 running north.  In addition, proposed Interstate 69, if ever built, will provide access from Canada to Mexico.  So the park would have the ability to ship by highway, by rail, which runs right through the property, and by water with access to the Yellow Bend Port on the Mississippi River to the east.  Easy and less expensive transportation could help our existing industry and draw new companies to this region.  To add to these benefits, a major pipeline is near the park making the possibility of moving liquid freight easier and cheaper.

Never was the intention of the intermodal to take away from industrial efforts by Warren and Monticello.  The plan was and is to provide services that would help grow the entire region and bring jobs and economic growth.  In fact there was, and hopefully remains, an agreement that any taxes generated by the authority, such as local sales taxes or property taxes, will be shared by the four creating governments. (Monticello, Warren, Bradley County, Drew County)  This is important because the entire park lies within Drew County.

In other action, the authority entered an agreement with the City of Monticello to sell the authority water and to treat any sewage generated within the park.  While the project progressed, a grant was received from the Delta Regional Authority which required no local match, thus allowing the DRA funds to actually count as a portion of the local match.  The authority is now being told that additional state funds may be made available that may be used to pay off debt incurred by the authority. It is unknown at this time as to any restrictions relating to the state money.  It is still unknown how much, if any, the authority will owe once the project is 100% completed and all grants and/or future state funds are expended.  If sufficient funding comes through, the entire debt could be paid in full.

With Warren and Monticello continuing to contribute and Drew County putting funds in during 2017, at least a portion of the existing debt should be covered.  Remember, the cities and counties can only contribute the amount approved on a year to year basis.  No amount of funding is guaranteed in future years.  There is also the issue of the local governments not having paid equal amounts once the project is completed.  There is also the matter of ongoing routine expenditures such as electrical cost and insurance.

The most serious concern to many, has been the lack of understanding as to the purpose of the intermodal and the assumption, by at least some people, that the cities and counties were legally liable to pay any and all incurred debt of the intermodal authority. That was never true and remains the case today.  The intermodal was created by law as a stand alone entity.  It can sell land, rent or lease land and make deals with private business.  It cannot  incur debt on behalf of the cities and counties unless authorized by the councils and quorum courts or by a vote of the people of the two counties.  It is therefore vital that the intermodal move forward with solid, detailed financial plans and not assumptions that lead the citizens to believe their locally elected officials are responsible for expenses that have not been authorized by the local governments and are subject to not being appropriated in the future.

County Judge Asks BCEDC To Pay Intermodal

Near the end of the March 27th board meeting of the Bradley County Economic Development Commission, Bradley County Judge Klay McKinney asked the BCEDC board to consider paying some of the amount owed to the intermodal authority by Bradley County, according to the intermodal's financial statement.  ( Editor's note:  legally Bradley County does not owe any money to the intermodal.)  Judge McKinney indicated he would like to see the money paid and that the BCEDC should be willing to put some skin in the game.  No action was taken, but according to sources, a committee will be formed to consider the matter.   Mayor Bryan Martin voiced his concern that if BCEDC money is used to pay for the County, funds should also be utilized to pay for the City of Warren.  The City of Warren is the only governmental entity in the county that contributes cash money on a routine basis to the BCEDC.

In other business, the board approved the minutes of the last two meetings and the financial reports of the past two meetings.  There was no quorum at the February meeting.

The board then approved a contribution of $150.00  to the 2017 Pink Tomato Festival and another $150.00 for membership in the ACCE/AED organization.  It was brought out that someone representing BCEDC should attend the AR Economic Development Foundation luncheon. Tickets are $300 each.  No member volunteered to attend.

A great amount of time was then spent discussing the difficulty in hiring a new executive director. The idea was brought up that the pay is too low.  There was major discussion about whether the job should be one of administration/clerical, CEO type functions or a marketing/recruiter.  The board then voted to raise the salary to $35,000.00 plus $5,000 for health insurance.  Chairman Lipton made a comment that the City of Warren may have to pay more to the BCEDC.  Currently the city, by contract, pays the organization $60,000.00 per year, plus makes all payments on the industrial spec building located within the city industrial park.  The city has made other expenditures over the years for land and infrastructure needs and has directly spent money on specific industrial prospects as deemed necessary. 

Armstrong Honors Ricky Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez has been awarded a plaque for "Lean Leader Certification", an award given for training in the principles of lean manufacturing.  Mr. Rodriguez is a nine year employee of Armstrong Flooring and has been an outstanding employee.

Ricky Rodriguez is a 2007 graduate of Warren High School and attended the UAM Technical College of McGehee where he received an EMT certificate.  He has served as a volunteer fireman for the City of Warren for 6 years.  He is married to Gaudet and has one child Abayomi.

Armstrong is a major employer in the Warren area and is a dedicated corporate citizen to the community.  Many of their employees are active in civic affairs.

Congratulations to Ricky Rodriguez for his service to Armstrong and the community of Warren.

LIVE Baseball: Warren vs. Lakeside(Lake Village)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Arrest Report: March 27, 2017

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Marcus Finks, Sr., 318 E. Pine St., Warren, AR., age 32, charged with driving on suspended license, possession of controlled substance, drinking on highway (3-20-17)

Antwain T. McGowan, 1115 W. Central St., Apt. A., Warren, AR., age 35, charged with no driver's license (3-20-17)

LeBarron Stewart, 404 E. Carpenter, Benton, AR., age 21, charged with possession of controlled substance (3-22-17)

John Blake Bodiford, 208 Cemetery St., Warren, AR., age 28, charged with possession of controlled substance and possessing drug paraphernalia (3-23-17)

Michael Anthony Marshall, 212 N. Ethridge, Warren, AR., age 53, charged suspended license, driving left of center, no insurance (3-23-17)

Robbie Alvin Riedel, 153 Bradley Rd. 280, Warren, AR., age 28, arrested on warrant Warren PD (3-23-17)

Donald Ingram, Willis, TX., age 51, charged with driving on suspended license (3-23-17)

Angela Ridgell, Wilmar, AR., age 37, charged with disorderly conduct (3-24-17)

Lorelei Ramsey, 906 Highway 8 North, Warren, AR., age 40, charged disorderly conduct (3-24-17)

Carson Ray Pennington, 1470 Highway 8 North, Warren, AR., age 43, arrested on warrant (3-24-17)

David M. Sanson, 421 S. Myrtle, Warren, AR., age 55, charged with terroristic threatening and disorderly conduct (3-24-17)

Roderick L. Crain, #1 Halligan Circle, Warren, AR., age 37, arrested on warrant - body attachment (3-25-17)

Quinton Deerrick Davis, 236 Wheeler St., Warren, AR., age 22, charged criminal mischief (3-26-17)

Dion Denal Gray, 314 West Oakland, Monticello, AR., age 30, hold for Monticello PD, (2-16-17)

Health Fair Planning Meeting Set for Friday

The Bradley County Health Fair Planning meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 31st at noon in the conference room of the Brunson Health Complex located on N. Bragg Street.  Lunch will be provided.  Everyone involved with the planning of the Health Fair, which is set for April 29th, is urged to be present.  R. Alicia Outlaw RN,Adm.

Applications available for M*A*S*H camps

Two-week summer camps expose students to medical careers

LITTLE ROCK — Applications are now available to high school students for the summer
M*A*S*H (Medical Applications of Science for Health) camps. These camps will be located at
32 medical facilities throughout Arkansas. Two new host facilities have been added this year
at Dewitt Hospital and Conway Regional Medical Center.

The two-week M*A*S*H camps are designed to expose rising high-school juniors and seniors
to healthcare-related vocations.

“The M*A*S*H program gives students an inside look at various medical professions and is
designed to spark students’ interest in the medical field,” said Jennifer Victory, Director of
Rural Health for Arkansas Farm Bureau. “A large number of the camps are held at rural
medical centers and attract local students with a rural background.”

“The idea is that future medical students from a rural background are more likely to return to
their roots,” said Victory.

Applications are available through school guidance counselors, by contacting the M*A*S*H
director in your area or by visiting

UAM Preregistration Set

MONTICELLO, AR — Students wishing to preregister for the 2017 summer and fall terms at the University of Arkansas at Monticello may do so during preregistration April 3-14, according to Dr. Peggy Doss, vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Students who have completed at least 60 hours and are classified as seniors and juniors may register on Monday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 4. Open registration for all currently enrolled students will be held April 5-7 and April10-14. Students registering at UAM's Colleges of Technology in Crossett and McGehee may register at any time during the April 3-14 window.
Transfer students, students who have been re-admitted to the university and first-time freshmen planning to take classes on the UAM campus may register for summer classes in the Office of Admissions in Harris Hall on April 5-14 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., according to Tawana Greene, executive director of admissions and enrollment management. Only students who have applied for admission and received mail notification may preregister during this timeframe.

UAM will also hold registration for fall 2017 classes August 21-25. For more information, current UAM students may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (870) 460-1033, and new students may contact the Office of Admissions at (800) 844-1826 or (870) 460-1026.

Warren Native Presents Program to Genealogy Society

Dr. Ron Moseley
Photo courtesy of facebook
Dr. Ron Moseley, a native of Warren and a renown author and lecturer, was the guest speaker for the Bradley County Genealogy Society during their March 26th monthly meeting.  A large number were on hand in the big meeting room of the Bradley County Veterans Museum to hear Dr. Moseley talk about his book and research on the Parnell Springs and New Edinburg areas of Bradley and Cleveland counties.  He told stories that had been passed down through his family and some personal observations of his growing up in Warren and encounters with people and relatives from the north Bradley County and southern Cleveland County region.

Dr. Moseley handed out pictures of the current Parnell Springs, which at one time was a resort area with a hotel named the Edna Hotel along with a picture of downtown New Edinburg with the famous tree that was in the middle of Main Street, which is now the State Highway running through the community.

A great deal of the presentation revolved around various individuals who lived in the area and funny and sometimes lethal happenings involving guns and knifes.  Most of the stories covered the early 1900's on into the 1940-1960 era.

Warren Middle School Receives OEP “Beating the Odds” Awards

The Office for Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas creates an annual report entitled the O​utstanding E​ducational P​erformance Awards, and the "Beating the Odds" awards are given to schools who are serving a high percentage of students from low-income communities that are
nevertheless reaching high levels of achievement. For the 2015-2016 school year, Warren Middle​ School ​received three awards:

Southeast Region ELA Beating the Odds- WMS Ranked 3rd in the region
Southeast Region Math Beating the Odds- WMS Ranked 2nd in the region
Southeast Region Science Beating the Odds- WMS Ranked 3rd in the region

The OEP calculates a GPA for schools in each subject based on the number of students that performed at each level on the most recent state exams. Because of changes in the state assessment system, GPAs for 2016 are not directly comparable to prior years. For ACT Aspire performance, students scoring ‘Exceeded Expectations’ are assigned 4 points, those ‘Ready to Learn’ are assigned 3 points, students who are ‘Close to Meeting Expectations’ get 2 , and students ‘In Need of Support’ receive 1 point. These special OEP awards are for schools whose students are achieving at a high level despite serving a population where at least 66% of the students participate in the Free/ Reduced Lunch Program, which is based on low household income. While poverty can negatively impact student success, the schools awarded demonstrate that their students are “Beating the Odds.”

Warren Library Planning Summer Reading Program

Archeologist to Talk about the Isgrig Site

Jessica Cogburn excavating at the Isgrig site.
On Tuesday, April 4, the Tunican Chapter of the Arkansas Archeological Society and the Drew County Historical Society will hold their joint monthly speaker series. Jessica Howe Cogburn, the former station assistant at the UAM Research Station of the Arkansas Archeological Survey and current graduate student at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, will discuss the archeology of the Isgrig site in Pulaski County. People have occupied the site, located on Fourche Island, from the prehistoric through the protohistoric and historic periods. She will discuss the archeology of the late prehistoric and early protohistoric occupations dating between the 1400s and 1600s AD and will compare the Isgrig collections with research along the Arkansas River Valley to consider similarities with other sites, such as Carden Bottoms and Goldsmith Oliver.

Jessica is a native of Arkansas. She received her MA in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 2011. Between 2008 and 2014, she worked for the Arkansas Archeological Survey as the Station Assistant in Monticello. During this time, she spent many weeks excavating at Isgrig, which is now the focus of her dissertation. In 2014, she enrolled at the University of Arkansas where she is working on her PhD and is a graduate assistant with the Survey. She is also one of the Vice-Presidents of the Arkansas Archeological Society.

A Preliminary Look at Isgrig and Contemporaneous Sites in the Arkansas River Valley
Jessica Howe Cogburn, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Tuesday, April 4 at 6:30 PM
School of Forestry and Natural Resources Conference Room, UAM.

LIVE Softball: Warren vs. Drew Central

Friday, March 24, 2017

Remember Health Fair April 29th

Remember the Bradley County Health Fair is set for Saturday, April 29th to be held at the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren and Bradley County.  Earn a chance to win a grand prize of a one year membership to the YMCA to be announced at 11:00 A.M. on the 29th.  To register sign up at the following places:
*Warren Branch Library-Check out a book and you will be registered to have a chance to win an e-reader, plus have the opportunity to win the grand prize.
*Bradley County Health Unit on Bragg Street-Get a free blood pressure check and have a chance to win a blood pressure machine and become eligible for the grand prize.
*YMCA-Pick up a calendar of YMCA events and receive a one day pass to the Y and become eligible for the grand prize.

Visit the YMCA, the Bradley County Health Unit and the Warren Branch Library and get involved with the Bradley County Health Fair.

The Health Fair will be held from 9:00 A.M. till 1:00 P.M. at the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA  April 29th.  There will be numerous activities and booths to enjoy.  The fair will promote physical activity, disease prevention and literacy.  Something for the entire family and all ages!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Past District Governor Gibson Speaks to Rotary

Rotarian Vol Ford invited Rotary Past District Governor Pam Gibson to inform the club about district foundation.  Ms. Gibson spoke to the club at Tuesday's noon meeting in the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church.

Reminder: Bradley County Chamber Banquet

Remember the 2017 Bradley County Chamber of Commerce annual banquet will be held Thursday, March 30th beginning at 6:00 P.M. at Immanuel Baptist Church.  The guest speaker will be State Representative Mark McElroy from Desha County.

Tickets may be purchased for $15.00 each from the Chamber office located inside the Warren Municipal Building on Myrtle Street.  For more information call the Chamber at 226-5225.

Hermitage City Council Meeting of March 9th

The Hermitage City Council meet march 9th for the regular monthly meeting.  Present were Mayor Alma Harrod and Council members Carol Bell and Tonya Kendrix.  Also attending were Kim Thomas and Police Sgt. George Smith.

After approving the minutes of the last meeting, Sgt. George Smith gave the police report and stated that 10 citations were issued for the month of February.  There were no reports provided by the water, sewer or street departments.  It was noted that the tornado siren will be sounded each Saturday.

The council voted to amend ordinance #111 to lower water and sewer rates.  The rates had been increased around August, 2016 as part of a utility improvement project apparently financed to some degree by federal funds.

There were no financial reports to give.  These will be provided at the April meeting.

Under new business the council voted to accept and post the 2016 annual financial statement and to purchase a patrol car from Bear Cruisers for $10,995.00.  A motion was made to borrow $4800.00 form First State Bank at 4% for 24 months to complete payment on the police car, replace decals and have the radio installed.  The motion was approved.  It was noted that the city had received $7750.00 from the insurance company for a recently wrecked patrol car.

The council voted to cancel the roll-over line for the police station through SATCO.  The members also voted to change the names on two lock boxes.

There were no public comments.

State Capitol Week in Review From Senator Eddie Cheatham

March 24, 2017
LITTLE ROCK – As the General Assembly approaches the final days of this year’s regular session,  lawmakers approved bills affecting public and private education, criminal justice, prisons, election procedures, campaign finance and unemployment benefits.

Senate Bill 647 is a 60-page measure that sets up new accountability and assessment tools used in public schools. Educators will be affected by how it changes the methods for designating schools that are in academic distress. The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 23-to-4. It went to the House Education Committee.

Two New Police Officers Sworn In

Judge Bruce Anderson, Shaquil Ellis, and Brian Gorman
Judge Bruce Anderson stopped by the Warren Police Department Wednesday, March 22nd and officially swore in two newly hired Warren Police Officers.  Both have been recently hired by the Warren Civil Service Commission

Sworn in was Brian Gorman, age 42 and Shaquil Ellis, age 26.  Mr. Gorman is a certified law enforcement officer.  Mr. Ellis will begin training within the department and will attend attend the law enforcement training academy in East Camden, Arkansas to secure his certification as required by law.

On hand for the swearing in was Warren Police Chief Shaun Hildreth and Sergeant Thomas Miller.

Major Sewer Collapses on Beaver Street

A major residential sewer line which runs down the middle of Beaver Street in Southeast Warren collapsed  taking with it a part of the street.  The line was approximately ten feet deep. G, Excavating, Inc. out of Star City are on sight making the major emergency repairs needed.  Above ground pipe was used to bypass the line while it was being repaired.  They were close to having the project completed Thursday afternoon.  No resident is without sewer service. When the line is finished, major street repairs will be necessary.

BCMC Board Conducts Monthly Meeting

The Bradley County Medical Center Board meet Thursday, March 23rd for their regular monthly meeting.  CFO Brandon Gorman presented the financials reports and the home health statistics.  He also informed the board that the hospital currently has over $4 million dollars available in the sales tax fund.

On a motion by Dr. Joe H. Wharton the board approved the following staff recommendations:
John Jerius, M.D., Surgery
Michelle Pittman, M.D.,Surgery
Derek Bryant, M.D., ER/Family Practice
Samuel Edwards, M.D., RAPA

Happy National Puppy Day!!!

Today would be a wonderful day to adopt one of the many puppies now in the Warren Animal Shelter.  To see these puppies and to adopt one, contact the Animal Control Officer at the Warren Police Department or contact P.A.W.S. via their facebook page. posted a photo earlier this week of the many puppies that have been brought into the shelter this week.

Governor Signs Bill to Allow Concealed Weapons on College Campuses, Churches, and Public Buildings

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced he signed House Bill 1249 into law on Wednesday, March 22, which will allow people to carry concealed weapons on colleges and universities.

HB 1249 passed the Arkansas legislature on Wednesday, March 15. Rep. Charlie Collins sponsored the bill.

The original bill required state institutions to allow faculty to conceal carry on campus. But after opposition from the House and Senate, bill sponsor Rep. Charlie Collins from Fayetteville made a few changes.

A major amendment to the bill is that anyone who carries concealed weapons on campus is required to take a training course up to eight hours long. The amendment also gives students the option to carry on campus.

Additionally, the bill expands where people can carry concealed weapons. Now public buildings, like the State Capitol, and bars, churches, and restaurants that serve alcohol are subject to concealed carry, unless they post a sign at the entrance barring concealed carry.  The law will also allow concealed carry on public college campuses, including Razorback Stadium and War Memorial Stadium.

Private institutions are the only entities allowed to opt out of the requirement.

It will take several months for the training program to be designed and this law will not go into effect until January 2018.

Warren Police Make Drug Arrest

Warren police made an arrest for possession of a controlled substance during a traffic stop made March, 19th within the Warren City Limits.  Arrested was 51 year old Robert Garren Curry.  When arrested he had outstanding warrants pending from the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.

Mr. Curry later bonded out of jail.