Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hermitage City Council Conducts Business

Members of the Hermitage City Council met Monday, July 16th for the monthly council meeting. 
Regular financial reports were given and the Police Chief reported that 18 citations were issued in June, 2018. 

The court voted to transfer $15,846..21 from the general fund to a new checking account for act 833/884 funding to be used by the fire department.  The money was designated fire department funds.

The council was told that water samples for the month were good but sodium levels were above 20 PPM and it was recommended that local health providers should be notified in order to benefit their clients who are on low sodium diets. 

The council was informed a grant for sewer improvements was denied. 

The Council members approved a proposal from Woodall Heating and Air to repair the A/C unit at the community center.  They also approved a conflict of interest policy.

A vote to include a section of Bradley Rd. 971 for paving  was approved.  They then voted to buy a 16 foot trailer for $900.00 from Harry Adams. 

Action was taken to close out two bank accounts that were used for grant projects.  A new account was set up for a grant from Arkansas Parks & Tourism. 

This Week in the House: Rep. Jeff Wardlaw

The impact that teachers have on students is far-reaching and life-changing. If you have ever considered making a difference in the lives of Arkansas children, now is a perfect time.

The Education Committee recently reviewed a report on teacher shortages in our state. The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) now says there is a critical shortage in 15 areas of study.  These include Art, Chemistry, Computer Science, English/Language Arts, and Math.

There is also a concern with the number of Arkansans enrolled in teacher preparation programs. The number of students studying to be a teacher has dropped from 6,161 in 2013 to 3,563 in 2018.  That is a 42% decline.And keeping good teachers has also been a challenge.  Since 2009, an average of 10% of new teachers did not return to the classroom after their first year of teaching.  An average of 31% did not return after 5 years.

The Education Committee is taking all of this information into consideration as it develops recommendations for the next session.

In the meantime, ADE has implemented several initiatives aimed at recruiting more teachers.

There are currently 60,317 people in Arkansas with an active teaching licenses.  However, during the last school year only 33,228 were employed as teachers.  In an effort to bring more licensed teachers back to the profession, the number of required professional development hours have been reduced to 36 hours. Free online professional development is available through the ArkansasIDEAS portal at

There are 58 schools in the state partnering with colleges and universities to recruit more young people to the profession through a program called Teacher Cadets.  Arkansas Teacher Cadets targets students with exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills.  It features a curriculum based, hands-on approach which educates students how to become a successful teacher and enables them to put their knowledge to work through a classroom internship.

There are also several financial aid incentives including loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement for prospective teachers.  Visit to learn more.

Friday, July 20, 2018

State Capitol Week in Review From Senator Eddie Cheatham

July 20, 2018

Public Service Donation
LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas will hold its annual sales tax holiday on Saturday, August 4, and Sunday, August 5.

Clothing and footwear that cost less than $100 per item will qualify for the exemption. However, if you buy an item that costs more than $100 you must pay the state and local sales taxes on the entire amount.

Accessories costing less than $50 qualify for the exemption.  Examples include wallets, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, cosmetics, briefcases, hair notions, wigs and hair pieces.

Here’s an example provided by the Department of Finance and Administration: a person buys two shirts for $50 each, a pair of jeans for $75 and a pair of shoes for $125.  The sales tax will only be collected on the shoes.  Even though the total price of the shirts and the jeans added up to $175, no sales tax will be collected on them because each individual item cost less than $100.

School supplies also qualify, including binders, book bags, calculators, tape, paper, pencils, scissors, notebooks, folders and glue.

Cornerstone Coalition Meets

Gene Higginbothan, Executive Director of the Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District
Board members of the Southeast Arkansas Cornerstone Coalition gathered Thursday, July 19th to conduct business and hear reports on activities in the five county Southeast Arkansas region.  the board approved the minutes of the previous meeting and the current financial report.

Jeff Weaver, UAM
Gene Higginbothan, Executive Director of the Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District was present and talked about efforts of the district to promote economic growth in the ten county area, of which the Cornerstone is a part.  Mr. Higginbothan stressed that the district will work with the coalition in any way possible to benefit the southeast region of Arkansas.  He talked bout recycling efforts and broad band needs.

Also addressing the board was Jeff Weaver with the University of Arkansas at Monticello.  Mr. Weaver discussed the work going on at the college to promote growth in numbers and to provide a quality education for students.  He pledged support for the coalition efforts.

Dan Flowers
Another speaker was Dan Flowers, former Director of the Arkansas Transportation Department, who is working with the I-69 Coalition and the effort to promoter the construction of Interstate 69 through Arkansas.  The I-69 project is one of the major focus points for the Cornerstone organization.  Mr. Flowers indicated that plans are underway to develop and promote a funding program in Arkansas to finance highway improvements, including providing the states share of interstate construction.

Reports were presented by each county as to activities going on within the county and a discussion took place regarding the type projects that the Cornerstone needs to pursue.

Intermodal Discusses Accounts Receivable

Toward the end of the July 18th board meeting of the Southeast Arkansas Regional Intermodal Authority, the members were informed that an audit of federal funds prepared by a private accounting firm, needs documentation that proves the debts of the authority will be guaranteed by the cities of Monticello and Warren and the counties of Bradley and Drew.  At this time the debt consist of a note payable to Commercial Bank in the amount of $64,147.19 and monthly interest on the balance owed, monthly utilities, bookkeeping services and other expenses relating to upkeep of the property.  For the previous month, the expenses were $1449.51. 

According to the financial report the two cities and two counties owe the authority a total of $302,239.34.  It is divided as follows:
*Drew County-$43,605.88
*Bradley County-$176,848.51
It should be noted that Monticello, Warren and Drew County have been making some annual contributions to the Intermodal Authority as approved by their respective legislative bodies, and Bradley County has, over the past several months, provided labor and equipment to conduct dirt work and maintenance work on the intermodal site, in lieu of cash payments.  It should also be noted that any money provided by the cities and counties must be appropriated on a yearly basis by the city councils and quorum courts.  Just because the intermodal authority incurs debt, does not make the city and counties libel for the expenses.  This has been discussed over the years and has been reported by this new site.

The board was also told that they can expect funding in the amount of $75,000.00 sometime this year.  The legislature has approved funding for several intermodal authorities within Arkansas. 

Board members then voted to invite the auditor to attend the next intermodal meeting and further explain the need for documentation for the audit and to explain the repercussions of a qualified audit vs. an unqualified one.

During the discussion relating to the audit, Bradley county Judge Klay McKinney indicated he did not believe the Bradley County Quorum Court would approve a letter guaranteeing the debt and a representative on the board from Monticello made a similar statement regarding the city of Monticello. 

A good portion os the meeting consisted of continued discussion and debate regarding the issue of the railroad crossing within the intermodal park.  This has been ongoing for nearly two years. Either the road or the rail switch must be relocated due to railroad regulations.  The debate has consisted of who owes for the additional expense and which route to take in correcting the problem.  During the discussion, Board Chairman John Lipton, stated he has been in the dark during the process of trying to get the issue dealt with. 

Nine board members were present for the meeting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quorum Court Has Brief Routine Meeting

Seven of the nine Justices were on hand Monday night, July 16th for the monthly meeting of the Bradley County Quorum Court.  The members approved the minutes of the previous meeting, approved the Treasurer's Report and reviewed the Sheriff;s monthly report.  County Judge Klay McKinney gave his update on county activities and informed the justices that a new grant has been received for installation of a new bridge on County Rd. 11.  He also told the court that most of the lighting damage to county phones and computers has been repaired.

The Judge told the members that a meeting was recently conducted about the proposed state prison that will provide jail space to the county. He indicated plans are moving ahead.  No information was provided concerning the location of the facility.

Community Action Full Board Meets

After struggling the past couple of months getting a quorum present, the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Agency Board conducted a regular board meeting at the Agency headquarters in Warren July 17th.  A variety of program reports were submitted for review and the financial records were presented and approved.

Among the various programs discussed was the plan to purchase a camera system for the county Head Start Centers.  The board voted to table action and to seek official bids and consider further.

In other action the members voted to utilize $21,775.00 of carryover money and use ti to help purchase a vehicle needed by the agency.

School Supply Lists

Schools are beginning to send in their student supply lists.  To view these, go to the Schools Page of

Life Share Blood Drive

Where: Bradley County Sheriff's Dept
             Bradley County Court House
             101 East Cedar
             Warren, AR  71671
When: Friday July 20, 2018
Time: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Please come donate blood
You could save a life.....

The Hair Penn Opens for Business in Downtown Warren

The Bradley County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday, July 18 to welcome The Hair Penn, a new beauty salon located at 118 nE. Cypress Street is owned and operated by Tiffany Pennington.  The Hair Penn is a full-care salon complete with a massage therapist on staff.  A number of downtown merchants, friends, and family attended the event.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Missing Lady Lived In Monticello & Warren- Husband Commits Suicide, When Police Arrive at Area Motel

Story by

On May 23, 2018, Sheriff David White, (Mt. Ida, In Montgomery County) received a call from the owner of a local business in Mount Ida, Arkansas. She stated that an employee, Mrs. Wanda Gill, had not shown up for work on April 27, 2018.

When Mrs. Gill finished her shift at 5 p.m. on April 26, 2018, she had not stated anything regarding not being able to work her shift the following day. The owner attempted to call Wanda on April 27, 2018 without any answer. She then contacted the alternate number that belonged to Joe Gill, Wanda Gill’s husband. Mr. Gill answered the call and stated that Wanda was physically not able to work there anymore.


SouthArk Releases Spring Dean'

EL DORADO—South Arkansas Community College has announced its Dean’s List for the 2018 spring semester. To be eligible, a student must have a grade-point average of at least 3.0 and be classified as full-time

From Bearden, John Mitchell, Marcey Strickland and Kayla Williams.

From Bryant, Daniel Malloy and Carlos Owens-Hughes.

From Camden, Monika Belin, Bradley Cook, Kenya Dempsey, Breana Poindexter, Jolene Tavares and Christopher White.

From Crossett, Dakota Bays, LaSandra Burton, Alyssa Jenkins, Morgan Merriweather, Courtney Nimmers, Christy Rice, Sheyanna Rowe, Haleigh Schlesier, Phatcharaporn Sihokaeo and Natasha Wright.

From El Dorado, Gary Aaron, Talon Adams, Edricos Ashley, Hanna Bale, Francis Bilo, Brandon Bullard, Carla Burns, Haylea Cater, Tangie Charles, Shelton Clark, William Clayton, Austin Collins, Nicholas Colvin, Helia Coody, Erik Cowser, Randall Craig, Kiley Crecelius, Leterron Daniels, Kernisha Davis, Sydney Donahue, Janice Erby, Marcus Ford, Courtney Frisby, Vitina Ganter, Esteban Garay, Tiffany Gray, Amin Hadwani, Kelsey Hall, Jonathan Harbour, Destiny Harris, Tyler Hatcher, Johni Havard, Lashadra Hayes, Johnie Hill, Brandi Holley, Emily Housdan, Kelsey Howard, Kelsey Howard, Madison Hudson, Courtney Hull, Tianna Jackson, Darylhannah Johnson, Justine Johnson, Shaquanna Johnson, Christopher Langan, Katelyn Langston, Tamara Langston, Jacqueline Lee, Jade Lee, Crystal Loomis, Denise Lum, Elizabeth Mabry, Regginald Martin, Maryanne Mbiu, Michelle McGaugh-Jones, Sarika Mohandas, Yatee Mohane, Leah Moore, Rebecca Moseley, Chigozie Mozie, Lacey Nation, Arik Nelson, Brianna Nolden, Justice Oglethorpe, Brittany Orren, Victoria Osgood, Odessa Parker, Jerry Perry, Bryan Pittman, Rebecca Potts, Colton Pratt, Cecilia Ruiz, Joshua Rushing, Samantha Sadoh, Airam Sanchez, Jill Sanders, Christine Schonefeld, Kenya Singleton, Gabriella Slater, Clay Smith, Michelle Smith, Savana Smith, Angel Stokes, Melissa Stokes, Kathy Stringfellow, Corey Sublett, Amber Sweeney, Christopher Taylor, Joshua Temple, Pedro Tena, Alexis Thompson, Tormesia Thompson, Justin Tolin, Taylor Walters, Jolie Warren, Vasheeda Washington, Larry West, Charlotte White, Tiffany White, Devontae Williams, Jenny Williams, Camryn Wood, Kyle Worley and Lindsey Wythe.

From Emerson, Jordan Glass and Victoria Neill.

From Fordyce, Tracie Turner and Warren West.

From Greenbrier, Amanda Clark.

From Hamburg, Klent Wallace.

From Hampton, Kayla Faulkner and Emma Sullivent.

From Hermitage, Megan Burson, Whitney Harrod, Joseph Huitt, Jonathan Raney and Amairany Santana.

From Huttig, Yasmeen Stockman.

From Jacksonville, Latriana Blade and Janine Davidson.

From Junction City, Kelli Baker, Baylee Crook, Michelle Doolin, Clay Ferguson, Kylie Madison, Henley Risinger and Evin Stapleton.

From Lewisville, Lacey Morton.

From Little Rock, Jeremy Henderson and Jahan Montazari.

From Magnolia, Melody Arnold, Jonathan Brady, Latesha Carter, Latoya Carter, Sydney Colvin, Brenda Cottrell, Sarah Davis, Christian Finney, Delisa Johnson, Morgan Kelley, Kayla Pickett and Marquisha Samful.

From McGehee, Wonda Davis and Latarris Henderson.

From Monticello, Ryan Flemmons, Christina Grasper, Lacey Green, Yulonda Howell, Peyton James, Ciante Jones and Aurayia Simpson.

From Mount Holly, Devin Bricklen, Holly Donahoe and Donald Thomas.

From Norphlet, Whitney Anthony, Kaitlyn Goodwin and Maya Reynolds.

From Rison, Madisyn Stewart and Sydney Weatherford.

From Sherwood, Derrick Rosado.

From Smackover, Haley Arrington, Colt Aycock, Erin Bailey, Brennan Belin, Allison Dunn, Hannah Green, Ashley Lupton, Makenzie Malone, Lisa Palmer, Kelsey Paxton, Taylor Ramsey, Ivy Tolin and Paige Tolin.

From Stephens, Amanda Lowery, Tiauna McBride and Terra Smith.

From Strong, Morgan Jones, Kelsie Molnaird, Owen Park, Liliana Pedraza and Olivia Smith.

From Taylor, Katelyn Sewell.

From Texarkana, Casey Trexler.

From Tillar, Iesha Smith.

From Waldo, Tiffany Hoss and Melanie Willis.

From Warren, Holly Adair, Kynlee Files, Cory Greenwood, Krystal Hayes, Leslie Peek, Lauren Pierce and Abigail Torres.

Foodbank Holds Open House and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

The Warren Branch of the Arkansas Food Bank held an Open House and ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday, July 16 at 5:00 p.m.  They are located at 205 C North Martin Street.

School Starts August 13, 2018

New Board of Visitors Appointed

MONTICELLO, AR — Nine individuals representing a cross section of finance, education and business have been appointed to the Board of Visitors at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. The board was approved by the UA System Board of Trustees and will serve in an advisory capacity to the UAM campus.

The board members are:

          • James R. Daniels of McGehee, president and chief executive officer of First Natural State Bank and a 1992 UAM graduate with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. He is a member and past president of the McGehee Industrial Foundation, a member and past president of the McGehee Chamber of Commerce, and served on the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.

          • Roger George of Warren, president of Merchants and Planters Agency, Inc., and a 1974 UAM graduate with a bachelor of business administration degree. George is a former member of the Warren City Council and a former member of the Warren School Board.

          • Dr. Bettye Gragg of Monticello, federal coordinator for the Monticello School District and a 1979 UAM graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in early childhood education. Gragg holds master's degrees in elementary education from UA-Fayetteville and elementary guidance and counseling from UA-Little Rock and a doctorate in education administration and supervision, also from UALR. She is a member of the board of directors of the Monticello Economic Development Commission and the Arkansas Homeless Coalition.

          • George Harris of Monticello, president of Commercial Bank and Trust Company and a 1965 UAM graduate with a bachelor of science degree in accounting. Harris holds a master's of business administration degree from UA-Fayetteville and is a certified public accountant.

          • J. Michael Jones of Dumas, president and chief executive officer of Merchants and Farmers Bank and a 1976 graduate of UA-Fayetteville with a bachelor of science in business administration degree. Jones is a board member and past chairman of the Delta Technology Education Center, a member of the Hope Enterprise Corporation and a board member and past president of the Dumas Chamber of Commerce. He is also a past chairman of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.

          • Mellie Jo Owen of Monticello, a retired school teacher and a 1972 UAM graduate with a bachelor of science in education degree. She also holds a master's degree in education from UA-Fayetteville. Owen taught 30 years in the Star City, Monticello and Drew Central School Districts, was the Monticello District Teacher of the Year, the Walmart Teacher of the Year and has served on both the UAM Alumni Board and the UAM Sports Association Board.

          • Gregg Reep of Warren, a retired legislator, current sales manager for and a 1976 UAM graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in political science. Reep served as director of community development from 1976 to 1986, was mayor of Warren from 1987 to 2005 and served in the Arkansas General Assembly as a state representative from 2005 to 2010, including a term as chairman of the House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee.

          • Scott Saffold of Monticello, executive vice president and senior loan officer at Union Bank and Trust Company, a certified public accountant, and a 1991 UAM graduate with a bachelor of science degree in accounting.

          • Michael Walker of Star City, assistant director and teacher center coordinator at Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative and a 1986 UAM graduate with a bachelor of science in education degree. He also holds a master of science in education degree from Henderson State University.

For more information, contact Jim Brewer, director of media services, at (870) 460-1274.


Hermitage, Warren and Woodlawn
School Districts

Special education state and federal regulations require that all personally identifiable data collected, maintained or used for the purposes of determining
those students needing or not needing special education and related services
shall be destroyed six (6) years, after the data are no longer needed to provide
educational services to the student.  If the student has been out of the special education program six years his or her special education records are due for destruction.

You have the right to review and pick up the special education due process records.  These records will be available at the special education office at 806  N. Walnut St. Warren, Arkansas, from the dates of July 23, through August 9, Monday –Thursday, 2018, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. If the records are not picked up during that time, they will be destroyed.

If you have any questions, call 870-226-5894.


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Lions Club Hosts Award For Sew Peaceful Quilts

The Warren Lions Club met Wednesday, July 11th at Molly's Diner for their regular monthly program meeting.  The club welcomed Audrey Veasey who works for the Division of Services for the Blind for the Arkansas Department of Human Services.  She presented a brief program on the type services the agency can provide.  She discussed how to find assistance, who is eligible, what's available and how visioned impaired individuals can be helped vocationally.  The program can help a visually impaired person start a new business.

Ms. Veasey handed out a pamphlet that provided detailed information on the services available.  For more information call Toll Free 1-800-960-9270.  Those needing TDD services call 501-682-0093.

After her remarks, Ms. Veasey made two presentations to Mrs. Sandra DalSanto, who has taken part in the program.  She was given an award for Consumer of the Year and another award for her business development.  Mrs. DalSanto makes quilts in the New Edinburg area.  She has been assisted by DHS in making her venture work.

The Lions Club then elected officers for the new year which runs form July, 2018 to June, 2019.
Elected were the following:
*Michael Sparks, President
*Tim Kessler, Vice President
*David King, Secretary
*James Wells, Treasure
*Tommy Burrow, Tail Twister 

The Warren Lions Club meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.  The first meeting of the month is conducted at Molly's Diner and the fourth meeting is held at Simple Simons Pizza.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Arrest Report: July 16, 2018

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Corey Kinney, 103 Pierson St., Warren, AR . age 30, arrested on warrant (7-7-18)

Tyvonte Clary, 106 S. Myrtle, Warren, AR, age 28, arrested on warrant (7-9-18)

Jason Alexander, 1242 Golf Links Rd., Hot Springs, AR., age 36, court (7-9-18)

James Land, 208 Cemetery St., Wqarren, AR., age 32, court (7-9-18)

Nahumyaset Vinson, 232 Walaest St., Camden, AR., age 43,court (7-9-18)

Keith Laron Robinson, 634 E. 9th St., Fordyce, AR., age 53, Arkansas Board of Parole (7-11-18)

Joshua Grice, 701 Clio St., Warren, AR., arrested on warrant (7-12-18)

James Avery, Jr., 903 Sturgis St., Warren, AR., age 43, arrested on warrant, driving on suspended license, failure to yield (7-13-18)

Arturo Macias-Bautista, 806 N. James, Warren, AR., age 48, arrested on warrant (7-14-18)

Jason G. Huffman, 465 Jefferson Ave., Monticello, AR., age 37, charged with domestic battery 3rd (7-15-18)

Robert Dale Thompson, 3921 Farm Market Rd., New Edinburg, AR., age 56, charged with drivers license suspended, expired tags, no insurance (7-15-18)

Central Church Revival

The public is invited to a revival to be held by Central Missionary Baptist Church Monday, July 16th, Tuesday, July 17th and Wednesday, July 18th.  Services begin each evening at 7:00 P.M.  Central is located on Seminary Street, just across the street from the high school basketball gym.

Preaching Monday night will be Bro. Jerry Carter, a former pastor at Central, who now preaches near Hamburg.  Tuesday night Bro. Barry Carter, who grew up at Central will bring the message.  Barry is a former Lumberjack quarterback.  Wednesday evening, Bro Micah Carter, Bro. Barry's son will preach.  Bro. Barry is at Crossett and Bro. Micah is at Magnolia.

Everyone is invited!

Young Actors Present Verona Revisited.

Troupe d' Jour Midsummer Shakespeare Company held a performance Friday, July 13, at 7:00 p.m. in the Eastside Elementary School to showcase skills young student actors learned in the week-long theater camp.  They performed Verona Revisited adapted from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by Artistic Director hal evans.

The student actors were:  Janzee Hooper, Gwendolyn White, Ella Garner, Elena White, Livi McKinney, Sarah Rogers, Colton Steen, Victoria O'Neill, Cindy Weatherspoon, Kiah Files, Karis Files, Elaine White, Abby Raines, Charlere Wardlaw, Jorja Andrus, Anna Mitchell, and Leslie White.

Special thanks were given to Anne P'Neill and Carla Wardlaw for their vision to bring this camp to Warren.  Thanks were also extended to a number of volunteers including Tiffany Gathen, Elizabeth McKinney, Becky Walsh, Sara Weaver, Amanda West, Dr. Cabiness, and Candi Cabiness.

Choreography for the performance was by Tracy Elizabeth Hults.

(Right:  hal evans)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

State Capitol Week in Review From Senator Eddie Cheatham

July 13, 2018

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas lottery set a record for ticket sales in the fiscal year that ended on June 30, and will generate almost $92 million for college scholarships.

When the Higher Education Department awards Academic Challenge Scholarships in the fall, the number of scholarships provided by lottery ticket sales will exceed 300,000. Since Arkansas voters approved a constitutional amendment to establish a state lottery, $781 million has been generated for the scholarship program.

This Week in the House: Rep. Jeff Wardlaw

When temperatures in Arkansas rise, it is difficult to imagine that any parent could ever leave their child alone in a vehicle, but it is possible and often fatal.

Nationwide, an average of 37 children die each year in hot cars. Even the best of parents or caregivers can unknowingly leave a sleeping baby in a car; and the end result can be injury or even death.

 The Arkansas Department of Human Services and Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) has tips for parents to stop this tragedy before it starts.

To ensure your child's safety, always check your vehicle for children before you leave, and if parents find themselves in this scenario, "ACT." Before locking the vehicle and leaving it, families must avoid forgetting the child, create reminders and take action, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids Worldwide campaigns.

Bradley County Health Coalition Discusses Extensive Agenda

Members of the Bradley County Hometown Health Coalition met July 12th to discuss a lenthly agenda which consisted of reports from past endeavors and plans for the future.  A good crowd was present.

A detailed report was given by Alicia Outlaw concerning the April 21, 2018 Bradley County Health Fair.  Survey results were reviewed.  The report concluded that, "based on this data we can conclude that there was a change in knowledge and awareness as it relates to knowledge of blood pressure, cholesterol, and what to do when having a heart attack or stroke among Bradley County Health Fair participants."  The purpose of the fair was to educate and provide test results.

The group talked about the upcoming county fair, ongoing work to develop a mobile library and plans to raffle tickets for a quilt to be given away with the proceeds to go to the coalition.  There was discussion concerning plans to host a "Senior Night Event" to be held at Guest House next year, May 2, 2019.

Christy Campbell with the State's tobacco Prevention program was present and talked about programs and services that can be provided to help stamp out smoking and reduce tobacco usage.  She handed out materials for use.

The Coalition talked about future "kids events for Halloween and Christmas, as well as future movie nights.  Several activities are in the planning stages.

Alicia Outlaw informed the organization that safety meetings are planned.  A seminar is set for August 24th at 1:00 P.M. to be conducted at the Brunson Complex Conference Room on Bragg Street.  Any one interested must RSVP by August 16th.  Contact Alicia Outlaw at the Bradley County Health Department for additional information.  Individual businesses can schedule a safety seminar if they choose.

Warren Native Highlighted In Highway Magazine

Photos by Rusty Hubbard
In a recent edition of "Arkansas Highways", a publication of the Arkansas Department of Transportation, a native of Warren, who is a longtime employee of the department is highlighted in two articles.  Tony Sullivan, Assistant Chief Engineer for Operations is included in two separate articles.

Mr. Sullivan is pictured in one article related to the Arkansas Department of Transportation receiving a Qualification-Based Selection Award from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies.  The QBS Awards recognize public and private entities that make exemplary use of the QBS process which is a negotiated procurement process based on qualifications and competence in relation to the work to be performed.

The second article that included Mr. Sullivan, and quoted him, was an article about workforce zone safety.  Among the comments attributed to Mr. Sullivan was, "over 65,000 vehicles pass through this work zone every day" ( referring to a work zone on U. S. Highway 67 near Cabot).  "The construction activity you see around us makes for a potentially dangerous combination of motorist and construction crews."  Mr. Sullivan went on to say "there are numerous factors that contributed to those work zone crashes."  "Speeding , inattentive driving, and lack of seatbelt use are high on the list."

Tony Sullivan grew up in Warren.  He is a graduate of Warren High School and the University of Arkansas.  He is the son of the late Eugene Sullivan and Mrs. Janice Sullivan.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Health Fair For 2019 Already Planning

The Bradley County Health Fair Focus Group met July 12th in the Brunson Complex Conference Room to work on plans for the 2019 County Health Fair.  the meeting immediately followed the Health Coalition meeting.  The Fair is set for March 2, 2019 to be conducted at the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren and Bradley County.  The group talked about securing volunteers, vendors, T-Shirts, games, cake walk, registration and other aspects of organizing and implementing the Fair.

County Fair Plans Underway

The Bradley County Fair Committee met July 12th and discussed in detail plans for the Bradley County Fair to be held September 14th and 15th.  Ken Simmons chaired the meeting and is heading up the 2018 Fair.  The following are chairmen of the planned activities:
*Trade Days-Cathy Richardson and Marsha Berry
*Senior Day-Angelia Davis, Chapel Woods
*Antique Car and Truck Show-Michael Gardner
*Motorcycle Jamboree-William Hines
*Hispanic Activities-Nora Pacheco
*Volunteer Chamber President-Densia Pennington
*Beauty Pageants-Jenelle Lipton
*Little Miss Pageants-Vicky Tapia
*Talent Show-Jerry Butler
*Demolition Derby-Bobby Weaver and Mike Nichols
*Riib Cook-Off-Fran VanDerZwalm

Plans call for school kids age K-3 to have a day at the Fair and the Riding Club has plans for activities.  Booths for advertising or displays are $10.00.  Commercial booths are $25.00. 

The next meeting of the committee is set for July 26th.

Young Actors Attend Camp and Set to Perform

Troup d' Jour's Midsummer Shakespeare Company has been conducting their 24th annual MSC Acting Camp at Eastside Elementary July 9 through this Friday, July 13.  The young actors have studied and practiced acting, voice, diction, focus, ensemble, text analysis, and performance.  The camp will conclude with a performance Friday evening July 13, at Eastside at 7:00 p.m.

Art Gallery, Gift Shop, And Art Class Business Opens On Main Street

Rob Reep Studio, a new art gallery and gift shop, opened its doors on Main Street Thursday morning with around 70 people there to celebrate.
With a snip of the scissors, Rob Reep Studio officially opened its doors with a ribbon-cutting ceremony welcoming the new business on Main Street.  Approximately 70 people came out for the Grand Opening.

Prior to the ceremony, Mrs. Maymie Lassiter and her daughter Terri came for a tour of the new business.  Rob purchased the building from Mrs. Maymie.  She and her husband, Bootie, purchased the building in the 1970's.  Over the years it has housed Warren Motor Supply, Gordon's House of Music, and Pat Baker's Jewelry Store.  Visitors dropping by during the Tomato Festival told Rob that Craig O'Neill's grandfather built the building and housed a furniture store in it originally.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summer Reading Program At Library Huge Success

Our Summer Reading Program was a huge success with over 100 participants. For our Closing Program, Author Hal Evans and cast members, Victoria O'Neill and Abigail Raines, of Troupe d'Jour's Midsummer Shakespeare Company presented a sword fighting scene of their upcoming Romeo and Juliet play. Sponsors were recognized. Awards were given for completion of Reading, Food, Participation, and Rock Challenges. Henry and Philip Kucia of the Ebenezer Food Pantry were on hand to accept the 250+ food/toiletry items that were collected during the program. In addition, over 100 painted rocks were donated for our Rock Garden. Each child received a goody bag and a book and had the opportunity to paint the "Libraries Rock!" car!!

Major Street Paving Projects Underway

Three major Streets in Warren are under construction for repaving.  According to Mayor Bryan Martin, work has begun on Hankins Street.  the existing pavement is being milled and new asphalt will be installed.  Plans call for new paving on Woodlawn and N. Watson Streets.  The work is being accomplished with a grant of $250,000.00 provide by the state's State Aid Street Program.  The grant is nearly three times larger than the city's regular, annual street budget.  Mayor Martin and the City Council have been working on the project for months. 

The three streets being improved are major thoroughfares within the city.