Thursday, June 11, 2015

Craig O'Neill Kicks Off Summer Reading Program

KTHV news anchor Craig O'Neill was the guest of the Bradley County Library for the kick off of the "Summer Reading Program" for 2015.  The news anchor for channel 11 spoke to a large crowd of youngsters ranging in age from 3-12 and put on quite a show.  His purpose was to encourage them to read during the summer.  The theme of his presentation was "super heroes" and the children and library staff got into the program big time.

To a very enthusiastic audience, Mr. O'Neill discussed what it meant to be a super hero.  He informed the kids there are five steps to beginning a super hero:
1. An accident in favor of the individual
2. Have a costume
3. Have special powers
4. Be able to overcome the bad
5. Be able to disappear, sometime not be noticed
Craig told the kids that reading and using their imagination would allow each of them to be a super hero.  He said that librarians are super heros.  He turned himself into the super hero "lipman" and strongly encouraged the children to read and use the library all summer.  Several of those in attendance helped him during the demonstration.

Craig O'Neill's father grew up in Warren and his Grandmother, Mrs. Mertie Hankins lived on Hankins Street for years.  Craig visited her regularly while growing up and has maintained many friends in Warren throughout his lifetime.

Librarian Sandy Doss is Super Hero Bat Woman.

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