Monday, July 25, 2016

Arrest Report: July 25, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Clinton Webb:  826 Pierson st., Warren, AR., age 30, court (7-18-16)

Craig S. Bryant:  408 Oak St., Warren, AR., age 35, arrested on two warrants from City of Warren and one for Bradley County (7-20-16)

Jose Mondragon:  Bradley 7 North, Warren, AR., age 28, charged with no driver's license, violation of protection order (7-20-16)

Ebony Wilson: 1207 St. James, Warren, AR., age 30, arrested on warrant (7-21-16)

Andrew Williams: 433 Burnett Rd., Apt. 32, Warren, AR., age 56, charged with no seatbelt, DWI, speeding, suspended driver's license for DWI (7-21-16)

Corey A. Ferguson, 152 Bradley 89, Hermitage, AR., age 22, charged with driving on suspended license, fictitious tags, and possession of stolen property PCS (7-22-16)

Brandon Dean Banks, 918 Banner St., Camden, AR., age 31, court (7-21-16)

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