Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quorum Court Talks Roof Repairs/Overtime Pay

Six of the nine members of the Bradley County Quorum Court meet July 18, 2016 for the July regular Quorum court meeting.  Written reports were submitted by the County Treasurer and the Sheriff and Collector.

Judge Keith Neely reported on minor damage to a down spout on the courthouse building as a result of the severe winds that roared through the community on Thursday evening.  He informed the justices that a low bid of $185,635.01 has been received to level and reseal county road #7.  He went on to tell the court that bids will be let Friday, July 22nd to conduct 5.4 miles of seal work on county roads 19, 225, 147, 220 and 56.  The total amount of work to be completed will depend upon the price bid.

Justices then voted to purchase a new dump truck utilizing a grant in the amount of $29,125.00 and county funds in the amount of $105,504.00.

Judge Neely told the court that he has made an offer to Potlatch to purchase land adjacent to the county park.  He is waiting on a response.

A good amount of time was then spent discussing the need to repair or replace the roof on the building the county has purchased on Cedar Street to house county rescue equipment.  The Judge had some quotes for various options.  Justice Morman asked if there was an emergency to make repairs in order to protect equipment currently in the building.  Chief Deputy Sheriff Hershall Tillman told the JP's he did not believe there was any danger to the equipment at this time.  Members of the court voiced their ideas that it would be better to replace the roof rather than make repairs.  The County Judge is to continue to research the matter and gather additional information and price options.  No action was taken.

Judge Neely then updated the court on new Department of Labor regulations that could affect overtime pay for county employees.  He indicated he remained unsure of all the specifics and that further study is needed.  There was some discussion about adopting a resolution urging the Arkansas Attorney General to file suite to halt the new regulations relating to overtime pay.  Most of the JP's indicated they were not ready to take such actions until they better understood the new requirements.  No action was taken.  

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