Tuesday, November 1, 2016

70th 4-H Banquet Honors Year of Success

National 4-H Winners in Forestry Competition Left to Right:  Cade Wilkerson, Conner Wilkerson, Hunter Saunders, Ethan Boykin and sponsor Taylor Gwin accept awards at 4-H Banquet.
The 70th Annual Bradley County 4H Awards Dinner was held Tuesday night, November 1, in the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church.  The event has been sponsored all 70 years by Warren Bank & Trust Company.
John Gavin (left) and Michelle Carter (right) make a presentation
to Warren Bank for their 780 years of sponsoring
the Bradley County 4-H Banquet.  Bank President
Kelly Ashcraft (center) accepts the presentation.

The program began with a welcome given by A'Kay Wardlaw of the Livestock Club and was followed by an invocation given by Klayton Dunaway of the Superstars Club.  Following the meal, the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge were led by 4-H Club members.  Mrs. Kathy Mormon sand "The Star Spangled Banner."
Warren Bank President Kelly Ashcraft presents award to
Weston Gavin, 4-H Member of the Year.

The Ouachita 4-H District Director Martha Phelps extended remarks followed by Michelle Carter and John Gavin presenting county, district, state, and national awards to 4-H members.  The awards are as follows:

4-H Member of the Year:  Weston Gavin

4-H Volunteer of the Year:  Vicki Tapia


Harley White- Broiler BBQ, BB Shooting, and Bait Casting

Klayton Dunaway-Broiler BBQ, Grand Champion 4-H Poultry Chain

Hunter White-Broiler BBQ, BB Shooting, Bait Casting, and Reserve Champion 4-H Poultry Chain

Mason Wardlaw-Broiler BBQ, BB Shooting, and Bait Casting

Reed Wardlaw- Broiler BBQ, BB Shooting, and Bait Casting

Caden Mann-Bicycle Safety, BB Shooting, Bait Casting, Best of Show Hobbies

Healther Hoskins-BB Shooting, Bait Casting, and Best of Show Junior Rabbit

Jadon White-BB Shooting, Bait Casting

Paisley Wardlaw-BB Shooting and Bait Casting

Weston Gavin-BB Shooting, Bait Casting, Best of Show Senior Rabbit

Colton McKinney-Best of Show Food Preservation

Richard O'Neill III-Best of Show Art

Mayli Castleberry-Best of Show Crafts

Michaela Stanley-Best of Show Household Arts

Deakota Baggett-Best pf Sjp Duck

Grant Ferrell-Grand Champion Market Hogg

Elizabeth Martinez-Reserve Champion Market Hog

Alan McGhee-Junior Showmanship Market Hog

A'Kay Wardlaw-Senior Showmanship Market Hog

Madison McGhee-Grand Champion Market Goat and Senior Showmanship Market Goat

Samantha Clanton-Reserve Champion Market Goat, Grand Champion Market Lamb, and Senior Showmanship Market Lamb

Ericca Corker-Junioor Showmanship Market Goat

Lakin Barber-Reserve Champion Market Lamb

Kristen Blankinship-Junior Showmanship Market Lamb


Weston Gavin- District Reel into Sport Fishing

Hunter White-District Broiler BBQ

Klayton Dunaway-District Broiler BBQ

Mason Wardlaw-District BBQ

Reed Wardlaw-District Broiler BBQ

Samantha Clanton-Grand Champion Market Goat

Ericca Corker-Reserve Champion Market Goat

Madison McGhee-4th Overall Market Goat

Olivia Harrod-6th Overall Market Hog


Joshua Lamb-State Grassland Plant ID

Lupe Martinez-State Livestock Judging

Madison McGhee-State Livestock Judging

Samantha Clanton-State Livestock Judging and State Junior Forestry Team

Joseph Kidwell-State Junior Forestry Team

Logan Williams-State Junior Forestry Team

Ethan Boykin-State Senior Forestry Team

Hunter Saunders-State Senior Forestry Team

Cade Wilkerson-State Senior Forestry Team

Connor Wilkerson-State Senior Forestry Team


Ethan Boykin, Hunter Saunders, Cade Wilkerson, and Connor Wilkerson-National Forestry Team

After the presentation of awards, the 1st Place National 4-H Forestry Team was given the opportunity to speak about the contest and their experiences along with their sponsor, Mr. Taylor Gwin.

Michelle Carter and John Gavin made a presentation to Kelly Ashcraft of Warren Bank honoring their 70 years of sponsoring the 4-H banquet.

Volunteers were recognized and special awards were made followed by a powerpoint presentation of the 4-H activities throughout the year.

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