Monday, November 14, 2016

Arrest Report: November 14, 2016

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Stefan Jones, 201283 Bradley Rd. 1 N., Banks, AR., age 20, arrested on warrant (11-7-16)

Levoshia Westbroon, 603 Fullerton St., Warren, AR., age 24, arrested on Monticello warrant (11-9-16)

Chasity Hines, 600 N. Walnut, Warren, AR., age 24, arrested on Warrant (11-9-16)

Matthew Reap, 607 Red Oak Acres, Redfield, AR., age 29, charged with fleeing by vehicle, careless driving, ran stop sign, driving on suspended license, no motorcycle end., arrested on warrnt (11-10-16)

Kendick Hargraves, 126 Bradley 182, Banks, AR., age 27, arrested on warrant, charged with arson (11-10-16)

Amie Jenkins, 1111 Johnson St., Warren, AR., age 51, charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct (11-10-16)

Ramiro Alvarado, 501 S. Main St., Warren, AR., age 31, arrested on warrant (11-10-16)

Kenya Davis, 199 Bradley Rd. 184, Banks, AR., age 39, arrested on Monticello warrant, two days jail time (11-29-77)

Cory A. Ferguson, 152 Bradley 89, Hermitage, AR., age 22, charged with possession of controlled substance, residential burglary,  and breaking and entering (11-12-16)

Jeffrey Ingram, 39 Pinewood Dr., Warren, AR., age 42, charged with 3-days jail time (11-13-16)

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