Friday, November 25, 2016

County Officials and Employees Get Raises

The Bradley County Quorum Court, meeting in regular session on November 21st, voted to grant all county elected officials, all full time employees and all part time sheriff's deputies a 3% raise for 2017 and to grant them a $350.00 bonus for 2016.  The Quorum Court excluded themselves from the raises and the bonuses, a practice they have done for years. No retirement match will be included in the bonus payments.

Prior to the regular Quorum Court meeting, the Court meet in its capacity as the tax levying court and approved all property tax millage for 2017.  There is no change in the millage rates for any entity within the county.

Judge Neely stated that the Court's Finance Committee will need to meet soon to set to recommend a budget for 2017.  The budget will have to take into consideration the raises approved.

In other business, the Justices approved repairs on the Search and Rescue Building roof in the amount of $1650.00.  They also approved overtime pay owed to Sheriff's Department employees. Repairs to the county library roof was also approved.  State general improvement funds will help pay for the library work.

Members of the Jersey Fire Department were present to inform the judge and court that they oppose any effort to bring all county rural fire departments under the umbrella of the Bradley County Rural Fire Department.  According to Kenny and Shelia Loomis, they have been told efforts are underway to combine all rural departments into one fire department.  They asked to be kept informed if any effort is made to do so.  Judge Neely and members of the Court stated they were unaware of any such plan or effort.  There was some discussion concerning ways to finance rural departments and the best way to collect dues.

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