Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jimmy Thornton Speaks to Genealogy Society

Jimmy L. Thornton and his dog T-Bone were the guest speakers for the Bradley County Genealogy Society meeting conducted Sunday, November 20th held at the Bradley County Veterans Museum.
Mr. Thornton talked about his 21 years in the United States Air Force, most of which was spent training dogs for the military.  He spent another 20 years training for the TSA, getting dogs ready for airport security work.  He had books about military dogs and pictures of some of the places he worked throughout the United States and the world during his career.  Mr. Thornton indicated he always loved dogs going back to his growing up in Warren.

He told those present that dogs start their training from age 1-3 and perform all types of duties ranging from acting as police dogs to sniffing out drugs and bombs.  He went on to say all branches of the military utilize dogs.

Mr. Thornton stated he trained dogs and handlers during his career.  He said he tired of the excessive travel and retired back to Warren, which is a great place to live.

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