Thursday, May 11, 2017

City Working to Assure Safety of Old Barrett-Pirtle Building

As a result of the demolition and removal of the Words on a Shirt Building, some cracking in the structure to the south of it, the old Barrett-Pirtle building has been exposed in the front wall.  City officials had been concerned about the structural integrity of the building and had been monitoring it closely as the Words on a Shirt building was demolished.  Immediately upon recognizing the problem, the city brought in an architect to review the building and make recommendations as to what is needed to be done to make the area safe.  The architect recommended that large braces be installed temporarily.  The city has now requested a structural engineer to inspect the building and recommend permanent repairs.  The structural engineer is scheduled to meet with the Mayor and the owner of the building as soon as possible.  The city ordered the braces installed, and they are now in place.

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