Thursday, June 15, 2017

More Information On Assault That Ended With Confiscated Guns

The following is a statement released by the Warren Police Department:

On the date of June 12, 2017 members of the Warren Police Department were dispatched to an alleged disturbance on Pierson St. Upon their arrival it was alleged that Frederick Newton had been involved in a physical altercation with Donovan Clary (both of Warren).

During this altercation it was alleged that both Clary and Newton possessed firearms and during a struggle one of the firearms discharged grazing Newtons arm. A description of the vehicle Clary was riding in was stopped a short time later and Clary was arrested for aggravated assault. As the investigation pursued it was determined that Clary had thrown the two firearms pictured below out of the vehicle during the stop without the knowledge of responding officers. CID Sgt. Tim Nichols and Sgt. Terrance Moore learned of the location of the guns and went to a residence and recovered the two weapons. A warrant was gained for the arrest of Frederick Newton based upon his own statements during the investigation about him possessing firearms knowing he is a convicted felon. 

The case is still being investigated and will be submitted to the 10th Judicial Prosecuting Attorneys Office for formal charges against Clary and Newton. (Possibly others)

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