Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Old Store Building Caves In

The old store building located on the corner of N. Myrtle Street (U.S. 63 B ) and Packard Street, known to many as the Blankinship Store, caved in around noon Tuesday, August 8th.  It appears the roof collapsed destroying the structure.  There were no injuries and none of the debris fell into the street or damaged property.  The Warren Police Department, Warren Fire Department, City Building Official and Street Department personnel responded to the site.  Further investigation will occur.

The city blocked off the Packard Street intersection adjacent to the structure for safety purposes until the buildings walls are demolished safely.  The owner has been notified and according to information provided, plans to take action to make the site safe.  The lot will have to be cleaned up and that is the responsibility of the owner.  

Everyone is urged to stay off the property until it is cleaned up safely.

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