Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hermitage Gives Report to the Public/Buys Tractor

The Hermitage School Board meet Monday, October 9th and in addition to conducting regular monthly business, the annual report to the public was presented.  Other than employees, one student and the media ( salineriverchronicle.com ) no one from the general public was in attendance.

The board reviewed the finances and heard reports from Mistie McGhee and Rosalynda Ellis.  The Superintendent, Dr. Tucker also went over several items and discussed each item as it was brought up on the agenda.

Dr. Tucker asked the board to approve the equity report.  It showed that 32% of Hermitage students are Hispanic and 14% are African-American.  The district employees only one Hispanic and no certified African-Americans.  The report pledges to work to add more Hispanic and African-American teachers and certified personnel  Finding and hiring such teachers and employees has been difficult.

The board then voted to hold future school elections in May of each year in conjunction with other state and local elections when possible.  This should save the district some money and may increase voter turnout for school elections.  The board members would like to schedule the school elections at the same time with the Warren District.

A report to the public for the Hermitage Elementary School was given by Principal Rosalynda Ellis and another report for the Hermitage High School was presented by Principal Mistie McGhee.  Both reports went into some detail on academic progress and goals for the future.  According to the reports, Hermitage High School has 213 students and the Elementary School has 235.  Both are up slightly from last year.  the Elementary is up seven and the High School is up nineteen.  Other information was given on strategies, status of certified teachers, after school programs, Title One funding and health and wellness efforts.

The board then voted to reelect the same board officers for the coming school year.  The officers are:
Russell Richard, President
Kevin Reep, Vice President
Mary Hamilton, Secretary

Board members then approved an agreement with First State Bank to provide direct deposit for all school district employees.  The board also voted to approve the Arkansas Public School Unemployment Compensation program and to purchase a used tractor for use on school property at a cost of $14,200.00.  Dr. Tucker had secured several proposals.

After going into executive session to discuss personnel matters, the board came back into session and took no action.

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