Monday, June 1, 2015

Tom Crow Speaks to Genealogy Group

Tom Crow, son of legendary Warren medical doctor Merl Crow, was the guest speaker to the Bradley County Genealogy Society Sunday afternoon May 31st.  Mr. Crow provided information as to how the Crow family located in Warren.  His grandfather was Dr. M.T. Crow, his uncle Dr. Bruce Crow and his father Dr. Merl.  Dr. Bruce Crow left Warren after a few years of practice and moved to Arizona due to family health issues.

Around 20 people listened to Mr. Crow's presentation and took part in a discussion of their personal or family experiences with Dr. Merl.  The Crows built and operated the Crow Clinic on Church Street for many years and Dr. Merl Crow played a role in getting the Bradley County Hospital built.

Dr. Merl served in the Pacific during World War II and enjoyed a long distinguished career in Warren after the war.  He married Sue Martin Crow.

Those telling of experiences with Dr. Merl included Charles O'Neal, Fufa Fullerton, Mayor Bryan Martin, Rusty Rowell and Stuart Rowell.  Mayor Martin is a first cousin to Tom Crow.

There were funny stories told and it was noted that while Dr. Merl could come across as gruff, he was extremely compassionate.  Tom Crow spoke of his father being paid in goods rather than money at times and the many house calls made all hours of the night.

Gingy Cuthbertson, whose father Dr. Dew was a doctor in Warren, expressed her recollections about Dr. Crow and the love people had for their doctor.  She stated she still hears stories about her father from former patients and comments about Dr. Crow, Dr. Wynne, Dr. Marsh and others who practiced in Warren over the years.  Several others in attendance asked questions or talked about their interaction with Dr. Merl and the Crow family. 

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