Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warren Lions Club Hears From New Beginnings

Brandon Gorman, Tim Kessler, Executive Director Mike Knickerbocker and Clinical Director Kimberly Hampton
Members of the Warren Lions Club were educated about New Beginnings during the January 13, 2016 regular club meeting.  On hand to speak were Executive Director Mike Knickerbocker and Clinical Director Kimberly Hampton.

New Beginnings is a treatment center for alcohol and substance abuse located at 412 York
Street in Warren.  The organization serves an area with a population of about 250,000 people.  It has 35 beds for clients to use  and has treated around 700 individuals since services began to be offered.

Mr. Knickerbocker stated that the local doctors in Warren have been very supported of the work of New Beginnings and that 100% of all items purchased for use at the facility are bought in Warren.  New Beginnings employs 18 people and all have to be well trained.  Mr. Knickerbocker, a native of Warren, said the state considers the organization one of the best in Arkansas.  He also stated that most of the people who receive treatment at New Beginnings are ordered there by a court.  Some come of their own free will to get help.  Both residential and outpatient services are provided.

Kimberly Hampton reported on the Specialized Women's Services that are provided for those with addictions and children or have addictions and are pregnant.  She stated that efforts are made to get other types of help as needed for those who come to New Beginnings. 

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