Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bradley County Rural Fire Department Receives a Number of Calls

The Bradley County Rural Fire Department has been busy lately with four fires.

On July 14, at 7:06 p.m., they were dispute he'd to investigate a possible fire on Highway 278 near Curley's Salvage.  No fire was located but there was possible n arching power line.  With the recent high winds in the county, they were also called out to two other sites with power line issues.

 On July 15, at 6:22 p.m., sixteen firemen responded with three pumper trucks, one brush truck, and one water truck, to a call of a woods fire on 278 E. in Banks. Upon arrival, they discovered the fire was just off the highway east of Banks at Bradley County Road 377.  The fire consumed about two acres of underbrush with little damage but also threatened a young pine plantation.  The fire was mostly extinguished by firefighters from Banks, Jersey and Bradley County Rural.  Arkansas Forestry brought a plow and cut a line around the burned area because of the young pine plantation bordering the burn.  

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