Tuesday, October 11, 2016

City Council Honors Lt. Hollingsworth and Announces Taking of Bids to Tear Down Old Martin's Building

Lt. Donald Hollingsworth's family was present to receive the resolution adopted by the City Council honoring his service.  
The Warren City Council met Tuesday, October 11 for their regular monthly meeting.

After approving the minutes and financial reports, the council heard from Mrs. Carolyn McCoy who had previously presented complaints of street conditions and a lot in her neighborhood that needed to be cleaned.  She was told the status of her complaint.

Mayor Bryan Martin read a resolution honoring the life and service to the City of Warren, the Warren Police Department, and the community of the late Lt. Donald Hollingsworth.  His family was present as the resolution was read and presented.  Several members of the Warren Police Department were also in attendance.

Warren Police Chief Shaun Hildreth gave his report to the council and informed them of a recent rash of residential burglaries in the area, pointing out that this was going on all over the region, not just in the city.  He told them he wanted them to encourage their constituents to be on watch in their neighborhoods for suspicious people and/or vehicles and to report these to the police.
Chief Hildreth and an officer show the council the body

In other police business, the council was shown the body cameras now owned by the police department.  These cameras record both video and audio.  Chief Hildreth told the council that all officers now have body cameras.  He also noted that all police cars have camera which are activated when the blue lights are turned on and remain filming for at least 30 seconds after the lights are turned off.  Police Committee Chairman Fufa Fullerton gave a recommendation to the council to adopt the video/audio policy which has been written for the police department.  The policy was passed.

Fire Chief Howard Edwards reported that as of 1:00 p.m., the entire county has been placed under a burn ban.

Sanitation Manager Mike May requested permission from the council to allow the department to sell a 1986 truck that has been used by the city for 30 years, mostly to haul a chipper.  When asked why they wanted to sell it, May told the council that the vehicle had begun to have need of repairs often. The council voted to allow the sale of the vehicle.

When the council began to hear Mr. May's Building Official report, Mayor Martin told the council that bids were going to be taken and opened October 24 to tear down the burned out building on Main Street and to fill the area to grade with dirt.  Building Official May told the council that a lien will be placed on the property which means that the owners can not assess his or her taxes unless the lien is paid.  The owner will not be able to sell the property without paying the lien.  He further explained what happens if the lien is not paid.  Mayor Martin told the council that he will call a special meeting after the bids are opened to take action.

Other business of the council included an update on the process of drafting the 2017 budget, street repair schedules being considered, and questions about houses of deceased in the Home Program through the Housing Authority.

An alderman questioned the possibility of getting an instructor to show persons how to use the outdoor exercise equipment placed int he City Park by the Warren Woman's club.  Parks and Recreation Director Renious Harton said that he would contact Memory Frazer to see when she might could help.

A constituent addressed the council about the burglarizing of his home two months ago and that he had concerns that his case was not being investigated to the fullest.

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