Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bradley County Rural Fire Department Responds to Grass Fire

The Bradley County Rural Fire Department was dispatched to a grass fire on Highway 63 South of Warren on Wednesday, November 11.  Upon arrival, they discovered an open field on fire and that the fire had burned approximately two acres.  The firefighters took the brush truck around the field and were able to mostly contain the fire with 20 gallons of water.  The truck was refilled from a pumper truck and continued to extinguish the grass fire as well as burning tires which had caused the fire.

The operation of defective equipment was determined as the cause of the fire.  Two tires caught fire from friction and then detached from a lowboy trailer and then rolled about 50 yards from the road setting fire to the grass field along the way.

Two suppression apparatuses were used and seven firemen worked the fire.

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