Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rotarians Clean Downtown Park

Across from the court square in Warren on the corner next to Attorney Blake Marsh's office lies a quaint little park.  Rotary Park was created years ago on a lot where a local business had been that burned.  What could have remained an eyesore, was transformed into one of the loveliest retreats in downtown Warren.  Each year, the park receives a thorough landscaping upkeep by Rotary members. On Saturday, February 25, the Rotarians were out in the cold air getting the park in shape for the coming year.  If you see one of the Rotarians, thank them for going the extra mile to make our town beautiful.  If we all pitched in, think what a difference we could make.

I have also noticed over the years, the volunteers who work to keep the front of the Donald W. Reynolds beautiful.

If we want something special, we have to go the extra mile.  Thanks to all those who do.

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