Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017 in Bradley County

A wreath-laying ceremony was held Monday, May 29, at the Veterans' Memorial on the Bradley County Court Square to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.  The program began with the national anthem being sung by R. DeWayne Banks.  Prayer was rrendered by Floyd Brown, Chaplain of the Bradley County Veterans.  The audience then recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  A wreath was laid at the monument by Marion Boswell and Harry Lee McCaskill.  Mr Banks then led the audience in a verse of God Bless America.  The playing of Taps concluded the ceremony.

The Captain Robert Abernathy of the DAR presented a check in the amount of $2326.76 to the Bradley County Veterans' Museum following the ceremony.

The group then moved to the First United Methodist Church for the Memorial Day Program.  A welcome and opening prayer was rendered by Reverend Gary Harrison, Pastor of First United Methodist Church.  A moment of silence was observed for all those who sacrificed their lives for America.  R. DeWayne Banks then led the congregation in the national anthem.  Memorial Day remarks were then provided by former Senator Jim Scott, also a veteran.  His remarks were entitled Remembering Those Who Gave All 100 Years Ago.  His speech focused on WWI, how it started and America's entrance into it on April 1, 1917.  The congregation followed his speech by singing My Country Tis of Thee and America the Beautiful.  Closing prayer was given by Floyd Brown.  The program concluded with the playing of Taps.

Printed in the program were the names of those from Bradley County and surrounding areas that died in the line of service to the United States of America.  They are:

World War I
*James T. Anderson
Marion Boswell and Harry L. McCaskill (above and below
in the wreath-laying ceremony
*Ulysses Durham
*Ed Egleston
*Robert H. Gage
*Frank Gill
*Harvey L. Harris
*Richard C. Harrison
*Willie G. Hickman
Charlie Hines
*Elmer W. Johnson
Wesley J. Ketchum
Herbert B. Martin
*Hamlet Neil
*Dewitt Phurrough
Daniel W. Rabun
Lum V. Thompson
*Archie B. Trussell
*Mark Williams

World War II
Ernest L. Akens
*Joseph C. Anderson
Herman L. Baker
James S. Baker
O.B. Belin
*James E. Bell
Walter N. Booker
*Isaac Boykin
Thomas W. Bradham
*Otis B. Campbell
Vestal H. Castleberry
Ned A. Chidester
Arthur Collins
Russell G. Cruce
Velton C. DeArmond
The Captain Robert Abernathy Champter of the DAR
presented a check to the Bradley County Veterans' Museum.
Arch T. Dennen
Earl T. Doggett
Vance L. Ferguson
John L. Gannaway
Joe A. Guice
Paul Guice
Edwin W. Hampton
Richard G. Henderson, Sr.
Van W. Henry
Herman Hines
Luther L. Hollingsworth
Everett Allen Howard
Guy S. Jarrett
Albert Johnson
Quinton L. Martin
Wiley L. Newman
R. A. Norman
Former Senator and veteran Jim Soctt was the
keynote speaker of the Memorial Service.
Thomas Norman
Johnny H. Parker
*Howard Parnell
*Joe H. Perry
Hardie E. Poole
Ralph R. Reep
Marvin Robertson
William T. Savage
Harmon Senn
James H. Sharkey
Otis L. Sharp
James M. Smith
John B. Smith, Jr.
Willis G. Stedman
William Cone Stell
Ralph W. Stockemer
John E. Strange, Jr.
*Marlin Stricklin
Luther L. Swan
Charles R. Tate
James W. Tate, Jr.
Lester Thompson
Myzell Thompson
William J. Thompason
Pat E. Thurman
Leslie Calvin Tucker
James C. Wilkerson
Hurley D. Williams
Ralph A. Williams
Aubrey D. York
Herman R. York
Kermit K. York

Bobby Houston
*James E. Newton
Louis G. Selig
Merle T. Sledd
*Ray Terrell

Jerry D. Beck
Guy T. Freeland
Harry M. Godwin
Bobby King
Jerry W. Ross
Henry E Wooley

Middle East
Gregory Childs

*Photos are needed of these by the Bradley County Veterans' Museum.

A letter from Chester Smith, the father of Mrs. Mary Helen McCaskill, which was dated November 28, 1918 to his mother was published in the program.  He wrote her from his hospital bed and talked about World War I coming to an end.  He was member of the American Expeditionary Force under the command of General John J. Pershing.

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