Monday, June 19, 2017

Moro Bay State Park Holds 2017 Perch Jerk Classic

On Saturday, June 17th, Moro Bay State Park hosted the 25th Annual Perch Jerk Classic Bream and Crappie Tournament.  This year we had 67 teams which was 5 more teams than last year.  The teams are always an interesting mix of folks. They range from young people, to older couples, to best buddies, and next door neighbors.  The river level was perfect for fishing and many good fish were caught this year.  Local merchants and individuals from El Dorado, Warren, and the surrounding area donated $4,513 worth of door prizes.  The park gave away a $400 trolling motor as a grand prize.

Moro Bay State Park is exceptionally grateful for all those who donated and all those who participated in the event.  Your support helps us accomplish our mission which is (in part) protecting the natural resources at Moro Bay and providing people with opportunities to experience the outdoors.  We are also thankful for the Amendment 75, 1/8th cent conservation tax which helps us make events like the Perch Jerk possible.

  The Winners of the tournament and Prize Money are listed below.  For the Crappie Division the anglers are allowed to weigh in 10 crappie and for the bream division anglers are allowed to weigh in 20 bream.   We also award a trophy and prize money to the person who catches the biggest bream and the person who catches the biggest crappie.  Terri Poole caught the largest bream which weighed 10 oz.  Interestingly enough her husband Peter also called a 10 oz bream but he decided to let his wife take the trophy without a coin toss.

Bream Winners
Bream Division

1st Place Total Weight Bream – Mark and Linda Burton (7 lb. 12oz.) $100
2nd Place Total Weight Bream – Scotty Hudson and Seth Burns (7 lb. 9 0z) $70
3rd Place Total Weight Bream – Mike Langley and Raymond Leonard (7 lb. 8oz) $50
Largest Bream – Terri Poole (10 oz.) $20

Crappie Winners
Crappie Division
1st Place Total Weight Crappie – Chad and Amanda Miller (4 lb.   13 oz.) $100
2nd Place Total Weight Crappie – Odie “A.K.A. Snap” Strong (4lb.  12 oz.) $70
3rd Place Total Weight Crappie – Marty and Alex Wardlaw (4 lb. 12 oz.) $50
Largest Crappie – Lakin Walthall (1 lb. 5 oz.) $20

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