Monday, June 19, 2017

Chamber Board Meets/No Quorum

Members of the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce Board meet June 19th at Molly's Diner, but due to a lack of quorum, no business could be conducted.  A number of reports were given by Chairman of the Board Patricia Wilkerson and Chamber President Joel Tolefree.

Mr. Tolefree gave a followup report on the recently completed Pink Tomato Festival.  According to the Festival's Treasure Leslie Adams, it appears the finances ended in good shape.  She indicated a final report will be submitted once all accounts are consolidated and she is certain all bills are paid.  At this time it is uncertain if the Festival broke even or made a small profit.  During the meeting Chairman Wilkerson informed the board that the Tomato Festival Committee has recently contributed $3000.00 to the Chamber of Commerce to repay funds that the Chamber spent in the past to support the Tomato Festival during times the Festival had insufficient funds.  She indicated the Chamber has been and remains in a tight financial condition and that dues and memberships will be reviewed in the near future.

A report was given that informed the board that the Railroad Depot grant has been finalized and two new grant applications are pending.  There was discussions relating to the upcoming county fair, Christmas Festival, the appointment of new board members and the future of the Santa Train.

The next Chamber Board meeting is set for July 17, 2017 at El Ranchito restaurant, located on East Cedar Street.

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