Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tiffany Gathen Named New Warren High School Principal/Other Contracts and Resignations

Below are updates on personnel matters where action was taken during a meeting of the Warren School Board on Thursday evening, June 8, 2017.

Non Renewal - Mickie Starke - Brunson Math Instructor

Sherrie Carroll - Eastside Kindergarten Teacher
Martha Ann Taylor - Eastside as Public Relations/Aide
Jessica Murphy - Special Ed
Rebecca Owens - 8th Grade Math Teacher
Samuel Brown - SEACBEC Multi Purpose Building

Licensed Contracts
Devin McDiarmid - SEACBEC Director
Tiffany Gathen - High School Principal
Tiffany Osborne - High School Biology Teacher
Jamie Wood - 8th Grade Math Teacher
Maribeth Hicks - 7th Grade Science Teacher
Kristin Weeks - 6th Grade English Teacher
Annabeth Harper - Special Ed Teacher
Sarah Valentine - Special Ed FTE 45 minutes at Eastside

Classified Contracts
Catrina R Tatum Roberson - Superintendent's Secretary
Jared Everett - Custodian
Magdelena Ramos - Paraprofessional at Eastside
Britni Huffman - Paraprofessional at Eastside
Leticia Ramirez - Migrant Aide

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