Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hospital Experiences Net Gain Financially

The Bradley County Medical Center Board met Tuesday, July 2nd for their monthly meeting.  The meeting was previously scheduled for June, but was reset due to several members being unable to attend.  The Board will conduct another regular meeting in late July.

Brandon Gorman presented the monthly financial report along with the Home Health Statistics and provided information on the hospital sales tax.  Mr. Gorman informed the board he is leaving BCMC to take a new job.  He went on to state the hospital experienced a net gain of $85,852.00 for the month. 

Upon recommendation by the medical staff, the following actions were taken relating to credentials  to practice at the hospital:
*Approved Salman Hashmi, M.D., ER/Family Medicine
*Approved Jeanie Trevillyan, M.D., ER/Family Medicine
*Sami Harik, M.D., Moved to Inactive Status
*Nicolas Karpitskiy, M.D., Moved to Inactive Status
*Salah Keyrouz, M.D., Moved to Inactive Status

An executive update was provided by CEO Steve Henson.  The board then voted to remove Brandon Gorman as trustee from the retirement plan, to remove Mr. Gorman from the signature cards and to remove Mr. Gorman from computer generated checks.  The board then approved the following as new signatories:
!. Trustee for retirement plan-Brooke Hatch
2. Signature cards-Rhonda Simmons
3. Computer generated checks-Brooke Hatch

The board then approved the purchase of new dietary equipment at a cost of $9,034.00 to be paid for with sales tax funds. 

Mr. Henson has informed SRC that Mr. Gorman's last day is July 12th and a interim contract CFO will be hired and serve until a new hospital CFO is hired.  Mr. Henson indicated the position will be advertised and he hopes to have a hire made by October 1, 2019.

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