Wednesday, October 19, 2016

SEACAB Directors Hold Meeting

The Southeast Arkansas Community Action Board of Directors meet Tuesday, October 18th in Warren and conducted the monthly business of the corporation.  The meeting was presided over by Chairman Al Dixon.  Reports were presented on all programs and a financial statement was presented for review.  Due to some issues with the minutes, the board took no action and will reconsider them in November.

After voting to go into executive session, the board returned and voted to provide an 8% raise to the interim Executive Director, Alethea Dallas and the interim Financial Director, Faye Leaks.  Both have been working at rates of pay lower than the normal salaries for the positions they are currently filling.  Once a permanent employee is hired for each position, the salaries will be altered as necessary.  The pay will be made retroactive to the time both employees assumed the interim jobs.

Public comments were then accepted.  There were allegations made by a former employee that time sheets were no properly submitted in the past.  There were comments also made about the executive director promising to notify an individual about a public meeting, and failing to do so.  The director indicated she failed to do so but the meeting was announced in the local newspaper of the county in question.  Mr. Darryl Johnson talked about the numerous problems he has been concerned about for several years and continued to asked that changes be made.  He indicated his concern is that all programs be properly operated and the law followed.  Mr. Johnson stated that the agency exist to help the people of the southeast region of Arkansas.  Chairman Dixon stated that he expects all procedures to be followed and the law adhered to and will work to see that all matters are properly dealt with.

It appeared that the board was much more engaged in the business of the meeting and Chairman Dixon chaired the meeting in a professional and businesslike manner.

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