Monday, February 27, 2017

UAM Student Observes Street Hearing

UAM Student Lilly Morales visits with Alderman Jimmy Moseley.
Members of the Warren City Council's Street Committee conducted a public hearing Thursday, February 23rd to allow citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns, suggestions and request for street paving and repairs within the city limits.  Alderman Jimmy Moseley, who chairs the committee for 2017, presided over the hearing.  Also present was Alderman Zack Burks and Street Foreman Ricky Joe Davis.

There were 10 citizens present.  They made comments and requested work on several streets.  Alderman Moseley informed those in attendance that the street committee will go look at each street mentioned as well as some others and will make a recommendation to the full council setting up a priority list to work on.

Also attending the meeting was Lilly Morales, a resident of Warren and student at UAM.  She was attending to learn more about the workings of municipal government.  She is taking an American National Government class at the college.  After the meeting she visited with Chairman Moseley about the process.

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