Friday, March 3, 2017

Special Adoption Day for a New Pet to be Held March 11

Saturday March 11th from 12-2pm the gate at the Warren Animal Shelter will be open. The shelter is located at the recycling center on the Banks Hwy just past the livestock auction. Watch for the big brown and white bull next to the highway. Then you know you are getting close. There is an animal shelter sign by the road.

A representative from P.A.W.S. (Personal Advocates for the Warren Shelter) will be there to assist anyone who may be interested in adopting a new family member.  She will help you fill out the paperwork, and you can take it and your $25 adoption fee to the nice ladies at the window in the police department. ACO Antonio will then make an appointment to get the dog spayed or neutered. He will contact you and let you know when you can pick the dog up from the vet and take it home. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE YOUR DOG HOME THE SAME DAY YOU PICK IT OUT. State law requires the dog be fixed before he/she goes to his/her new home. 

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