Friday, April 28, 2017

Meet Sergeant Tim Nichols, CID

Judge Bruce Anderson(left), Sergeant Tim Nichols(right)
Tim Nichols says he always wanted to be a policeman from the time he was a little kid.  He never wanted to do anything else.  Probably comes natural since his father is a law enforcement veteran.
Born in Eudora, Tim graduated from Drew Central High School in Monticello and has worked for the Department of Corrections, Drew County, Lincoln County and the City of Warren over the years.  His most recent job was as Drew County Sheriff's Office Lt. CID.  He returned to the Warren Police Department as a Sergeant, assigned to CID.

Sergeant Nichols is married and has four children.  He told SRC he has always liked the Warren community and looks forward to serving the people of the city in his capacity as Criminal Investigator.

The Sergeant went on to discuss his philosophy about police work.  He indicated using common sense is vital and being open minded will be beneficial.  According to Mr. Nichols, building relationships with the public is extremely important.  He described himself as determined and fair.
He further stated he will try to thoroughly investigate cases and do his best to communicate with those who have been violated.  He also said the work of the patrol officers is vital to successfully solving crime.

Sergeant Nichols is on the job as of Monday, April 24th.

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