Friday, June 23, 2017

Hospitalist Program to Move Ahead

The Bradley County Medical Center Board meet for the regular monthly meeting June 22nd.  CFO Brandon Gorman submitted full financial reports and provided information on the Home Health program and the sales tax fund.  He informed the board that the hospital experienced a net gain of $62,871.00 for May, 2017, based on total revenue, including sales tax money, but had an operating loss of $191,593.00 for the month.  Overall the hospital remains in solid financial condition.

The board approved the following medical recommendations:
Rodney Dixon, M.D., ESS/Emergency Medicine-reappointed
William Lynn, D.O., ESS/Emergency Medicine-reappointed
Ronald Owens, M.D., RAPA-reappointed
Rafael Pita, M.D., ESS/Emergency Medicine-reappointed
Abrar Khan, M.D., ESS/Emergency Medicine-Initial appointment to September 2018
Imtiaz Ahmed, M.D., ESS/Emergency Medicine-reappointed
Kyle Knott, M.D., ESS/Emergency Medicine-reappointed
Payal Patel, M.D., ESS/Emergency Medicine-Initial appointment to August 2018
Michael Kendrick, M.D., RAPA-reappointed
Shirley DesLauriers, M.D., OB-Moved to inactive status
Brandon Allen, M.D., Pathology-Iniltial appointment to June 2018

Steve Henson, CEO of the hospital provided a report on various activities.  He informed the board that the hospital needs to improve its structured public relations campaign.  He talked about the need to promote the hospital, the new clinic and the Senior Care Unit.  Mr. Henson gave an update on the new clinic construction project.  It is hoped it will be complete by August 16th.

The CEO also talked about the potential of an After-Hours Clinic to be anchored by an APN.  The idea is to have services after hours on key days including Fridays and Saturdays.  This could help the ER considerably.

Mr. Henson then talked about the good work of several employees including Linda McDaniel, Katrina Hammock, Joyce Lephiew, Steven Smith and Bruce Sullivan.

A report was then given by the Chief Nursing Officer Sarah Tucker and the board then entered into executive session to discuss personnel matters.

After returning from executive session the board voted to authorize the CEO to negotiate a contract for hospitalist services.  A proposal will be brought back to the board for final approval. A hospitalist program will result in a full time doctor being on duty at BCMC to treat patients once admitted to the hospital.  It should result in more immediate care for all patients and will free up family doctors to serve patients better in their individual clinics.  The board has been considering hiring a hospitalist for some time.  The concept is fully supported by Warren's medical staff.   

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