Sunday, July 2, 2017


A nice size crowd gathered Tuesday evening June 27th to take part in the Arkansas High School GED Graduation and Recognition Celebration.  The ceremony was held in the Assembly Room and began at 6:00 P.M.  After the processional of students, the singing of the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance and a welcome by Director Jonalyn Reep, the special guest and staff were recongized.  A song was performed by Dinora Castillo and the commencement speech was provided by Joanna Carpenter.  Kristin weeks and Vicki Weeks recognized the Wage Recipients. Cheryl Dunn and Joanna Carpenter then recognized the GED students.  Jonalyn Reep declared all the graduates approved.  Helen Frosh was given special recogntion for her hard work at SEACBEC.
Mr. Coleman Dowda, an instructor at the Southeast Arkansas Community Based Educaction Center rendered the benediction.

Graduating Students:
*Arkansas High School Diploma Recipients-Anna Huante, Dalton Kellebrew, Molly Kirby, Shelly Laws, Moneisha Lile-mack, James McElyea, Nikita McGee-Davis, Luis Medina, Nadia Meza, Heather Rice, Hazel Veliz

*Wage Recipients ( Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy) - Daquan Daniels, Taylor Domineck, Kristal Gorman, Blake Harton, Jeremy Harton, Josh Hays, Fay Holmes, Anna Huante, Nikita McGee-Davis, Nadia Meza, Amber Newton, Karina Ramos, Allie Reep, Maria Simon-Pedro, Markeia Thomas, Justin Vines, Deeanna Williams

*GED Student Recognition:
Dora Banda, Alvin Benton, Candice Chandler, Jaletha Humphrey, Destiney McCraney, Kaitlin Pulley, Maria Sandra Romero, Katelyne Standiford, Keely Watson, Joseph Williams

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