Thursday, October 12, 2017

Middle School Principal Addresses Lions Club

Lion Tommy Burrow and Middle School Principal Kathy Cornish
Kathy Cornish, Principal of the Warren Middle School, was guest speaker for the Warren Lions Club during their meeting held October 11th at Molly's Diner.  She talked about the renewed emphsis on reading in the middle school.

According to Mrs. Cornish she believes education has put too much emphasis on teaching state mandated frameworks and not enough energy into teaching basic reading skills.  She told the members that all learning is based on the ability to read.  She went on to say that numerous community leaders are supporting the effort to promote reading among all students.

Mrs. Cornish informed the Lions Club that the Head Start Program and the ABC School are joining forces to improve early teaching of reading to preschool students to have them ready to move forward with reading development once they start kindergarten.

The Middle School Principal talked about her passion for improving the ability to read for all students and the training efforts ongoing among teachers at the Middle School to be better prepared to teach students with various degrees of ability and backgrounds.

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