Saturday, February 10, 2018

2017 City of Warren Annual Sanitation Report

The City of Warren collected over 3669 tons of garbage during the year 2017.  This is an increse of 850 tons over 2016.  The city picks up garbage twice weekly for all residences and picks up two to five or six days per week for commercial accounts.  The city contracts with a private landfill for disposal and pays to use the county class IV landfill as needed. 

During 2017 Warren collected and sold over 112 tons of paper and cardboard and recycled 11 tons of electronic waste.  E-Waste includes computers, televisions and other electronic devices.  Recycling was up over 2016.

In addition to regular garbage collection, the city picks up wood and yard waste on a call in basis, at no extra charge to the residents.

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