Monday, February 12, 2018

Retirement of Four Educators Approved by Warren School Board

The Warren School Board met Monday evening February 12 and opened with minute messages from the Principals and Administrators.  A highlight of these messages was the academic growth shown in the Eastside students.  They moved into executive session and returned with the following recommendations:

Resignation of Lauren Wilson as high school Literacy teacher effective at the end of the contract year,

and the resignation of Veronica York as an aid.

Retirements effective at the end of the contract year for four teachers:

Mary Ann Mobley with 40 1/2 years
Beverly Reep with 39 years
Marilyn Smith with 27 1/2 years
Susan Johnson with 18 years

Kenna Glossup was hired for the position of secretary for the Central Office.

Superintendent Cornish told the board that the district has been approved for two more AMI days.  They voted to amend the calendar by making up one snow day on March 16th and adding a Flex day on June 1.

They voted to purchase a new 2019 school bus.  Mr. Cornish told the board that this purchase will bring the total of recently purchased newer buses to seven.

A calendar suggested to the district by faculty was approved for the 2018-19 year (Calendar 1)

The board approved a purchase order agreement between Samuel Givhan (Educational Examiner).

The financial report was approved.

The Superintendent reported that a survey was being taken concerning the AMI process and seeking comments and suggestions for improvement.  He also told the board of the successes of both the Girls' and Boys' basketball teams'.  He informed them of the schedule of play in the District Tournament in Dumas this week.

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